How to Improve Fiction Writing Skills

Fiction in the dictionary is defined as an imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented.

  • A. The act of inventing such a creation or pretense.
  • B. A lie.

In recent times it's a genre that the young feel most drawn to, so deciding to move in that direction when deciding to write something may be a good step towards popularity. To get started, you may need some help, so read on.


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    Improve your vocabulary. It has always been a good resource for writers of all kinds to carry a dictionary with them. You can learn new words to describe what you think and expanding upon your vocabulary can help your mind work faster and could give you a burst of inspiration or a creative boost.
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    Read fiction-based books. This is in no way cheating someone else's work, its more likely discovering the roots of the genre. Learning and researching where it all came from. Ask around, whether it be your friends or your family, and find out what fiction books other people like. Check those out and you might be surprised by the inspiration you find.
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    Observe the people around you. If you start to get writers block, which happens to everyone, try looking around at the world around you through new eyes. Try to imagine what people's lives might be like, just from their outer appearance. This is a fun activity and great exercise to improve your creativity.
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    Listen to stories around you from people like your elders and observe the children. Try to understand what motivates them. This is an excellent way to get ideas and having the ability to write stories that relate to people.
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    Talk to yourself. This may seem odd but it has always helped when wanting to express yourself. You may even record what you say and write it all down. # Be open and social. Go outside more in gardens and beautiful places and meet new people. Writers like Wordsworth and Robert Frost always had an influence of nature in their writing, which made them unique. You may find that spending more time outside and looking at the world through the eyes of a writer will help you find your own way to be unique.
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    Welcome new emotions. Emotions like love, hope, faith, joy and humor are great emotions to analyze, understand, and try to relate to through your writing.
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    Keep a notebook of all your ideas. Whether they're just titles or whole story plots, you will benefit from jotting down any idea you have. If have you an idea but do not know yet how to elaborate it then write the idea down and wait for later.
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    Ask for and be open to constructive criticism. Whenever you write something, show it to others and ask them what they think of it. How did it make them feel? What did they learn, what did they think the story was actually about, in what ways can it be improved?

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