How to Improve Online Marketing Presence

Three Methods:Study the CompetitionUpdate Your Web SiteParticipate in Social Media

To improve online marketing presence, you need to identify areas where you can upgrade your Web site and increase your online reach. Competitive Web sites and social media venues can be quite useful for this purpose.

Method 1
Study the Competition

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    Remember that competitors can be outstanding teachers. To improve online market share, you need to generate ideas that will appeal to your target market. Start by researching how competitive businesses are marketing online.
    • Examine the look and feel of each Web site. Imagine you're a consumer interested in the company. What appeals to you? What doesn't?
    • Study each site's functionality. How have your competitors arranged links for site navigation? Are their Web sites easier or more difficult to use than yours?
    • Note the available products and services and consider any gaps your company might fill.
    • Look over the offers each company is marketing online. Are they superior to yours? If so, consider a new campaign with special pricing or package deals that would be more attractive to potential customers.
    • Create detailed notes of your findings. You can use those ideas to improve online marketing presence by making your Web site more dynamic and user friendly.

Method 2
Update Your Web Site

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    Examine your Web site from a potential customer's point of view. Is it easy to find? Simple to use? If you were a first-time buyer, would the site appeal to you?
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    Write down any shortcomings, and ask others for an honest critique of your Web site as well. Take detailed notes even if the solution is beyond your current expertise or budget. (Major reprogramming, for example.) Those ideas may still become viable at a future date.
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    Invest in your Web site by addressing as many of the concerns as possible. Update text, graphics and testimonials to keep the content fresh. If your budget allows, enlist the help of professional design and programming staff to help make your Web site truly exceptional.
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    Increase visibility online through active link building. Create outgoing links on your Web site that are useful to your clientele. Build incoming links through the use of social media.

Method 3
Participate in Social Media

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    Use social media sites to develop a professional image on the Web. Branding yourself as an expert in your field is a useful way to increase visibility online. Participate, engage with others and link back to your Web site to generate incoming traffic.
    • Create a profile on LinkedIn. Include your resume, any awards you've received and recent accomplishments. Upload presentations you've created that highlight your products, services and Web site. Join LinkedIn groups in your field and areas of interest. Before participating in any discussions, read extensively to determine group dynamics and tone. And, of course, always adhere to group rules.
    • Build a page for your business on Facebook. Keep the tone friendly but professional, and provide useful links to spark conversation. Post links and events that engage fans and encourage participation, with only occasional links to your Web site. Facebook ads can be a useful tool, but constant advertisements in the body of your posts will drive away potential customers.
    • Showcase your commercials and other presentations on a YouTube page. Use it as online storage to display videos elsewhere, such as on your Web site.
    • Investigate different social media to find additional forums suitable for your purposes.

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