How to Increase Your Return in an Ecommerce Business

Attracting customers to an e-commerce website requires a lot of hard work and strategic planning. With each increasing day, the return on investment gets increased only to boost online trading experience. However, below mentioned steps help in increasing the return rate of customers to various e-commerce websites.


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    Provide the best service from the start. Try to make the first ordering experience as positive as possible. This will help ensure that customers come back to you.
    • Provide them with the smoothest ordering and checkout process.
    • Send them an order confirmation as soon as you receive their order.
    • Always include relevant information in the confirmation, such as when customer expects the order to be shipped or the service to be ready. After you get done with the order, go in for inviting customers for signing up for a newsletter or mailing list if you have one.
    • Always list the advantages of subscribing, such as when to receive special offers.
    • Try linking to or describe your privacy policy, and make it easy for customers to skip this step if they aren't interested at all.
    • Try sending updates when you have them, such as when the order has been shipped or reasons for any delays.
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    Solve their problems.
    • Get your staff available for responding quickly and efficiently to queries from the customers.
    • Provide adequate training to your staff in delivering quality customer service.
    • Engage them to solve customers' problems and not give canned responses.
    • If you can't satisfy some of your customers with the products or services they opted for, make it easy for them to get a refund for obvious reasons. With this initiative they still might return for your service at a later time.
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    Offer the widest range of products and services. Usually a large variety of products and services give customers every reason for prioritising your company and to become repeat customers.
    • Go in for adding new products and services periodically.
    • Always keep your website updated, and highlight about the new offerings.
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    Keep track after the first order. Email or call customers after they've received their orders for confirming. It will tend to increase your credibility.
    • Greet customers by name. Break the informal jinx!
    • Try finding out how the products or services are working for them. If there are any problems, get engaged in solving them, and follow up yet again after you believe that the problem has been resolved.
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    Be available for your customers. Include your website address and other contact information with the first order and with subsequent contacts so that your customers find easy access with you and your company.
    • Maintain at least one toll-free number where your customers can call during business hours.
    • Always respond to phone messages, emails, and help desk tickets as quickly as possible.
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    Be the best in the competition. Trying to compete only on prices alone doesn’t always generate business.
    • Be the best in whatever your company provides.
    • Offer affordable prices for the products or services.
    • Offer what your competitors don't, such as free shipping and try to provide something unique what your competitors’ can never deliver!
    • Maintain a money-back guarantee that initiates your customers and prospective customers’ confidence for choosing you again and again!
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