How to Increase Your Writing Income

Aside from asking for more money or taking on more work, there are several ways to increase your freelance writing income. Narrowing your focus will allow you to complete your projects faster, which will translate to a better hourly rate. You may also choose to branch out and do work that isn't strictly writing. You can even offer your expertise to other writers.


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    Write for more than one market. As long as you're doing the research for your current assignment, you may as well consider where else you might sell your work. With a few changes, you can sell a magazine article to another magazine, turn it into an e-book or break it into shorter articles for publication on the Internet.
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    Write faster. Time yourself as you do your research and write your first draft. Eliminate anything that distracted you from your task and try to complete a specific number of words in a certain time. Try to write a little faster with each assignment. With practice, you can zero in on the job and complete it quickly, allowing yourself to take on more work.
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    Work for your best clients and drop your worst ones. Make more effort to please your best client so you can be assigned more work. If you have a client that gives you trouble, such as making too many calls, asking for too many changes or giving you short deadlines, stop working for that client and concentrate on finding new clients.
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    Add related work. You might volunteer to keep a client's website fresh by adding new material and photos or create a company newsletter and act as the editor, putting together the layout and sending it out over email to the employees. There are a variety of related tasks that a client might need to outsource. Be sure to ask if there's any other work you can do.
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    Let your business contacts know that you're looking for more work. Join groups for freelance writers, self-employed business people and other networking groups. Hand out your card and let everyone know you'd welcome new clients.
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    Carve out some time for marketing. Work on your image by building a website, having a professional portrait taken and getting stationery printed. Contact past and current clients for endorsements that you can use to create marketing materials.
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    Work on your own projects. Write novels, short stories or screenplays and submit them to contests and publishers. If you find some success as a fiction writer, you may be able to charge fees to speak to other writers or teach workshops and classes in the community.


  • Many freelance writers are reluctant to raise their rates for fear that their clients will leave them for writers who charge less. Consider giving clients a fee schedule that includes rate increases. As you gain experience and expertise, you should expect to be able to charge more.

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