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Having originated from the traditional Finnish bath, the modern sauna is a heated room which induces sweat for therapeutic purposes. There are several types of saunas, including infrared, wet, smoke, dry and steam. Regardless of the style, the desired effect is to heat the body so that people can enjoy physical as well as mental benefits. To intensify these benefits, you can exercise before and after using the sauna and stretch while inside. This will get your blood circulating, making your time in the sauna that much more invigorating.


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    Exercise prior to entering the sauna. Since the sauna promotes circulation of the flow of blood through the body, this will help you recover from joint and muscle soreness from your workout.
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    Plan your use of the sauna on days you rest from exercise. While beneficial in conjunction with exercise, it is claimed that a session of 15-20 minutes will give you a workout equivalent to a brisk walk of 1-2 hours. This is due to an increase in your heart rate which is similar to that which occurs during a brisk walk.
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    Exercise after you enter the sauna. Even if you plan to exercise prior to using the sauna, it may still be helpful to use it before as well. A short stay will help warm up the muscles helping to prevent injury and it will help ease the strain of exercise on your heart. Your heart will pump properly since your blood vessels are dilated.
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    Stretch during your sauna when your muscles are warm and relaxed. Stretching before exercise also helps circulate blood while sending nutrients to the muscles. Stretching after a workout helps sore muscles recover and helps the muscles flush out waste product. Massaging your muscles may also produce the same effect.
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    Use the sauna at the first sign of a cold. When you use a sauna your body temperature raises, simulating a fever. Fevers are known to occur when your immune system is fighting an illness and is part of your natural healing process. When fighting a cold, a steam sauna is preferable to a dry sauna in impacting the onset of the cold. Adding eucalyptus to the sauna may help loosen up the congestion associated with the cold.


  • Incorporate the sauna on a regular routine into your healthy life style. It opens the pores which facilitates the removal of toxins and other impurities from the body as well as relieving tension and promoting relaxation. It is said to also assist in weight loss.
  • Always remember to re hydrate immediately after you end your session.


  • You should abstain from drinking alcohol prior to use of a sauna. It may result in becoming too dehydrated during your session.
  • Children should be watched carefully during the time they are in the sauna because the strain that such heat puts on their circulatory regulation.
  • If you have experienced coronary problems you may be at risk for having a heart attack especially by rapidly cooling after your sauna.

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