How to Introduce Your Same Sex Partner to Your Parents

Being in a same sex relationship is hard enough in today's society, and introducing your partner to your parents can feel like an impossible task. But never fear, it is not only possible, but can even be beneficial to introduce the person you care for most to the people who care about you most.


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    Come out. Your sexuality is big news, and it may take a while for your parents to adjust. You can give them processing time by spacing out pieces of news, so that they don't find out your orientation at the same time they meet your partner.
    • Try testing the waters by asking about their opinions of LGBT+ issues, such as marriage laws or the Trevor project. (Keep in mind that they may be slightly more hostile if they don't know that an LGBT+ person is listening.)
    • Make sure that coming out won't put your safety or future at risk. Your personal safety is more important than your parents' opinions. If you live at home, you may need to wait until you move out.
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    Drop hints of attractions and crushes. You can do this while you're single, or if you aren't yet open about the relationship. This will give you a sense of whether they're okay with your orientation not only in theory, but in practice. If they smile and nod, or ask questions (e.g. "What did he look like?" or "Are you going to call her back?") then you'll know that they are okay with your orientation.
    • "I saw this tall, handsome guy at the library today. I think he might have been checking me out."
    • "This really cute waitress noticed my rainbow bracelet and started flirting with me. She wrote her number on the back of the check. I'm thinking about calling her."
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    Give details as they occur if you choose. If you have a close relationship, you may want to share details of romantic dates, feelings of excitement and happiness, or first kisses. This may or may not be realistic given your relationship with your parents, but if they and you are open to it, it will make introductions easier.
    • "Yeah, I decided to start dating a few weeks ago."
    • "I went out with Sandra this evening. We had a really good time."
    • "Mom, you are not going to believe this guy!"
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    Let them know you're seeing someone on a serious level. This allows them to prepare for the fact that their child is actively participating in a same sex relationship and not just questioning their sexuality as many people seem to think.
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    Tell your parents you'd like to introduce them to your partner. This will show them that you trust them enough to allow them into your private life. It will also let you know that your partner (and your sexuality) is important to you.
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    Set up a time to meet. Talk with your partner about what would feel most comfortable to them, and plan for a basic meeting—supper at your house, a restaurant trip together, or another social gathering.
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    Remember that they love you. Meeting the parents is often awkward—for mixed-gender couples as well as same-gender ones. It may be a little rocky, and remember that your parents truly love you, even if they tend to put their feet in their mouths. They just want to see you happy.


  • Remember, always consider the fact that coming out to your parents might not be a good idea in your situation. Think long and carefully about it.
  • If your parents have already accepted your sexuality, you shouldn't have anything to fear by introducing them to your partner.

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