How to Keep Track on Book Writing

Follow this advice if you get distracted while trying to write a book. Read on, avid writers!


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    Come up with a story plan, but keep an open mind. Don't plan it all at once. That will cause the writing to become boring and you will want to write something new. Jot down and edit new ideas when you get them - don't be afraid to cut out a whole section entirely.
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    If you still think of something that you wanted in the book but then don't think it fits so well, then take notes on it. Create a notebook just for the unwanted but great ideas, that way you can look at what you wrote during future writings and draw your inspiration from efforts you've already realized.
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    Take the notes and place them in an order. Create a series of stories. Maybe even write a story with more then one book--that way you can put all the short stories together to make a large book.
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    Tick off the ideas when you use them. There's nothing worse than finding that you've used two identical events in two different chapters, which make your story seem boring and unimaginative.
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    Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite! Don't be hesitant to edit your story. Just keep old copies in a separate document in case you want to return to it.


  • Make sure you have a set plot before you start writing, or there will be tangents everywhere.
  • Everybody makes mistakes. If you have to delete a whole story because it went nowhere, don't be deterred.


  • If you publish your book, people may not like it. Accept it as constructive criticism and move on.
  • Procrastination is a horrible vice. Try not to become too attached to it.

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