How to Keep Your Blog Safe

Writing a blog can be very appealing. It can build social skills, enhance writing abilities, and provide opportunities to express personal views and concerns to millions worldwide. On the other hand blogging can turn negative and lead to cyber-bullying and Internet stalking. Here is how you can protect your blog from stalkers and on-line bullies.


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    Think about making it private. Many blog sites allow you to set your blog private so that only people you invite can read your blog.
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    Keep personal information about yourself totally private. Leave detailed information about your name, contact info, school data, and your close relationships out of your blog. Replace them using bogus ones instead. This info is what hackers and stalkers look for most of the time.
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    Keep information about other people private. Giving info about them can put that certain person in danger. If you are tempted to put suspicions about others don't even try to post it. Rumors are gossip; if you gossip verbally and it causes injury to another and that is called slander and if it's posted, it's libelous. You may even get sued if the person you insulted is too angry.
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    Check your post before you submit it. Read it as if you were anonymous and check it in it's entirety for revealing personal information. Then, ask yourself how you would feel if your blog were read by teachers, parents, or any other citizen. Would you still submit it anyway? Also think about if it showed up in the daily newspaper or other blogs? Remember, blogs are public. If you don't feel comfortable having the world know your content, rewrite it.
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    Check the photos that you include as part of your blog. Are you compromising yourself or others? Would you feel comfortable having your future employer see them (if they do you couldn't find a perfect job). It's a sure possibility that they would. The photos and information you post can be accessed by anybody around the world.
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    Protect your blog at all costs. Keep your passwords to yourself and exit out of your blog page when your computer system is unattended to be absolutely sure that nobody can enter and write something pretending to be you.


  • If you do make it public, try disabling comments so you don't get nasty users giving negative feedback.

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