wikiHow to Kiss Your Boyfriend Gently

So you and your boyfriend want to kiss? Sweet! This article will tell you how to gently kiss your boyfriend which will probably leave him wanting more!


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    First make it simple by holding hands. If you break the "touch barrier," he'll feel more inclined to take things a step further. If he reacts negatively to you touching his hands, he might be sensitive, nervous, or just not ready. Watch and learn from his reactions.
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    Ask if he is nervous for any reason. Make him feel comfortable and confident. Don't invade his space or his privacy. It just makes things uncomfortable and awkward.
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    Stare deeply into his eyes. Look at him sincerely. If he returns the gaze, he wants to kiss you, too. Look from his eyes to his lips slowly and lean in.
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    Grasp his hands gently and put them around your waist. If he pulls back, stop.
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    Gently pull him closer to you and put your hands around his neck. Notice the key word here is GENTLY. No rough movements- it's awkward.
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    Lean in, tilt your head to the right slightly, and he will hopefully respond and tilt his head to your left then kiss for a few seconds then gently pull away. If he leans back in after you both pulled away a bit, then he wants to kiss you again. Go with it, but if he goes too far let him know. Press lightly on his chest to get him to let off, and tell him you're not comfortable.


  • Always keep your breath fresh. Nasty breath is a MAJOR turn-off, so make sure your breath doesn't resemble that of a dog's before you try to kiss anyone.
  • Compliment him. If he has his hair done differently, or he's wearing a new shirt, simply say "you look nice," or "you clean up well." Make him feel good about himself.
  • If his breath is bad, before you kiss him offer him a mint. Then, his breath will be fresher and he might even be more likely to try to kiss you.

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