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How to Kiss Your Boyfriend

Four Parts:Making Him Want to KissSeizing the Right MomentKissing Your BoyfriendFinding New Ways to Kiss

Do you ever feel nervous when it comes to kissing your boyfriend? Are you scared you aren't good? Do you worry that you just aren't doing it right? Do you just want to improve on your already awesome kissing skills? Read on to learn how to make your kisses count.

Part 1
Making Him Want to Kiss

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    Flirt, bond, and hang out together to create a spark. You're never going to kiss your boyfriend if you don't know one another. Talk, plan activities, and spend "couple's time," with form an emotional connection and attraction. Alone time creates more opportunities to go in for a kiss.
    • Since most people won't kiss in public, finding out if you are comfortable alone is important not just for kissing, but for your relationship.
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    Use open body language to show that you want to kiss him. Send your boyfriend the right message by staying close, pointing your shoulders towards him, and leaning in when he talks.
    • Twirling your hair, removing a jacket, and making eye contact tells your boyfriend that you are open to him.
    • Avoid crossing your arms or legs or looking down, as this makes you seem distant and unavailable.
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    Break the "touch barrier." It's a lot easier to kiss someone who you've touched, so find ways to make physical contact before you think about kissing. Playing with his hair, holding hands, or just brushing his cheek with your hand can signal that you're ready to lock lips.
    • A good first step is just touching shoulder to shoulder when watching a movie or TV.
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    Make an effort to look the part. While you don't have to go into "makeover-mode," taking a little extra time to look nice will show someone that you are interested and willing to work for their affection.
    • Lightly use perfumes to smell amazing. Scent is one of the most powerful subconscious senses for men and women, but make sure to go easy on it. No one likes being overpowered by a smell.
    • Protect your lips with chapstick or lipbalm so they look soft and inviting.
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    Go somewhere quiet and alone. If this is your first kiss, head outside for some fresh air or snuggle up close on the couch. Take away the pressure of being in public and enjoy being together -- more often then not, the right moment will present itself.

Part 2
Seizing the Right Moment

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    Position your body for the kiss. This is easy if you are standing, but if you are sitting, turn your body so that your shoulders line up with his.
    • Move your hips so that they face him.
    • Scoot in a little closer so you don't have to lunge for his face.
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    Say something to let him know you are interested. It doesn't have to be poetry to be effective. Be sincere and kind with phrase like, "you look handsome," "I really enjoy spending time with you," or "mind if I get a little closer?"
    • If you can't think of anything clever, or feel particularly bold, just ask if he wants to kiss. Many guys will like the forwardness.
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    Move your face close to his. This is going to make it pretty obvious that you want to kiss, and that's a good thing! Smile slightly, and don't be afraid to stay nearby for a few seconds. You might be able to gauge his interest by his reaction to you.
    • If he leans away or turns his face it means he is probably not interested.
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    Go for it! If he is leaning in, looking at your lips, and brushing your hair, lean in and kiss him first.There is no reason why the boy must be the first one to make a move.
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    If he looks into your eyes and then looks at your lips, he probably wants to kiss you. If he leans in, go with the flow.

Part 3
Kissing Your Boyfriend

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    Angle your head slightly so that your noses don't run into each other. Simply cocking your head to the side a little will prevent an awkward bump.
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    Make eye contact so you don't miss. As you approach each others lips, lock eyes. Not only will it keep you from missing, but it's incredibly romantic.
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    Close your eyes once you're about to make contact. At this point, staring at each other from that close often feels weird.
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    Kiss him! Keep your lips light and soft. Begin by kissing him gently, but see how it feels and react to him as well.
    • Don't pucker your lips. Hardened lips signal that your are not really interested or aren't enjoying it. It should feel like pushing your lips against a soft peach.
    • Go slowly, pulling away after 2-3 seconds to see his reaction. If it is good, go in for another one for a few seconds.
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    Use the rest of your body to guide him. Pull him closer, place a hand behind his head, or interlock fingers.
    • If you don't know what to do, place your hands on his hips or his shoulders.

Part 4
Finding New Ways to Kiss

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    Try out other types of kissing. As you get more comfortable with each other, change up the pressure, rhythm, and duration of your kisses to find out what he likes.
    • Push your lips little closer to his.
    • Kiss him three of four times in a row without pulling your face too far away each time.
    • Go for a longer kiss, holding together for 3-5 seconds, then 5-8 seconds.
    • Give him a kiss on the neck, the cheeks, or the earlobes.
    • Don't make any quick or drastic changes. Try things slowly and take your time.
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    If you both seem ready, go for an open mouth kiss. Open kissing, or french kissing, is more playful and passionate that just kissing each other. Try initiating open kissing by:
    • Gently licking his top lip, then sliding to the bottom lip.
    • Lightly bite on his bottom lip.
    • Turn your head slightly to side. It's easier to open kiss if your noses aren't in the way!
    • Open your own mouth a bit, inviting him to join.
    • Dart your tongue lightly in his mouth.
    • If he reciprocates or opens his mouth, he is telling you he wants to do this too, so keep experimenting.
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    Talk to each other about what you enjoy. Communication is key in every aspect of a relationship, and kissing is no exception. Briefly saying that "I liked that," or "let's try this," will ensure that your partner is doing the right things to keep you happy.


  • If you have long hair, keep it off your lips and out of your face.
  • If you were chewing gum, spit it out so that it doesn't end up in his mouth.
  • Always take your time with a kiss so it stays special.
  • Don't forget to smile at him when you're done, or whisper something sweet in his ear before pulling away..
  • Don't let friends teasing ruin your relationship. Do this for each other, not your friends.
  • Keep some mints with you at all times, just in case!
  • Don't kiss in front of parents, siblings, and try not to kiss in front of friends. Alone in a private place is good, or in a dark room. Elevators, bathrooms, hallways, and places outside can all be perfect.
  • If you have braces, don't worry about them! They don't get in the way. Just try not to bump teeth especially if they have recently been tightened.


  • Make sure you brush your teeth!
  • Don't just leave your arms at your side, put them around his neck and slide your hands to his face and hold it .
  • When you get close to him, you might start to panic. Don't. Just think about how much you like him.
  • If you don't think he might not be a good kisser, then just give him a chance.
  • If you're not sure when to pull away let him decide!

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