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Sometimes it's hard to know if you are too old to do something, or if other people think the same thing. Don't worry! This article will teach you how to decide what's age appropriate, and how to rock your own style.


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    Know your limits. What you can and can't do will change with time and age. Perhaps what you could do at age 6 you can't do at age 16. If you know you are not in the right physical or mental condition to do something, you probably shouldn't do it. You should also avoid doing anything that gets unsafe with a certain size or weight. For example, a plastic kiddie slide may not be able to hold anything that weighs more than 50 pounds and could break if you weigh more. Or if a playground says you must be under 4 feet tall to play, you may risk hitting your head on something if you are taller. Safety should always be your number one concern when deciding if you are too old for something.
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    Look for signs. Labels and signs can often be a deciding factor. For example, a public playground may have a sign that says the equipment was designed for ages 5 to 12, or the packaging of a toy may say it is intended for ages 6 to 16. Those are merely age suggestions, but they can give you hints as to whether or not you are too old for something. While it's perfectly acceptable to play at the playground at 13, it may not be as acceptable at 20. If your age differs by more than 3 to 5 years from the suggestion, it is often a sign that you are too old for that activity.
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    Talk to your friends. Everyone does at least one thing in their lifetime that they think they might be too old for. You never know, maybe your buddies do some of the same activities you love, and you can have fun and be child-like together.
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    Accept that some things you just have to grow out of. Remember, there are a few things that you can be too old for, like talking like a three-year-old when you're not one, or whining about how your ice cream's melted. These acts may have been fine when you were younger, but they aren't as you grow into an adult. In fact, they could make people think that you are immature and whiny. Continuing to play and have fun is totally normal and acceptable, but use your common sense; there are certain things you outgrow, and this is part of life. Work on being mature and kind, while still finding ways to do what you love.
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    Find a way to embrace your child-like personality. Babysitting is a great way to play, because you can have fun with the children without getting judged. It's more socially acceptable, and you can get paid for it. You could also get a job making video games, acting, or producing toys where the work is fun-spirited too. You don't always have to hide your interests; there's always something out there for you.
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    Be confident in your choices. Enjoy dolls and toy cars at 40, or scream your head off at a boy band concert at 50 if that's what you want to do. None of these activities are very dignified, but who cares as long as you respect yourself! Don't worry too much about being too old to enjoy something, because your interests will grow and change at your own pace. You are your own judge; society can't make these decisions for you. Rock your lifestyle choices in your own unique way!
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    Ask. Some people may do some things that you like that others consider silly. So find someone who likes what you like.


  • Don't be too worried about what other people think of you or your interests. In the end, it really doesn't matter if you are a kind, mature, and hard-working person.
  • You may still be attached to certain things because you don't want to forget them. Take pictures, write it down, or keep a memory bin to acknowledge its significance in your life.
  • Remember that certain things you never have to outgrow, such as playing with toys and having fun with your friends.
  • Keep your true interests and goals in mind, and don't let anyone pressure you into changing if you don't to.
  • Sometimes, you will see predominantly a younger age group involved in an activity. This does not always mean only they can do this.


  • If you aren't sure about something, be careful about asking your friends. Sure they can help but sometimes they could laugh at you. It's always ok to ask your parents.

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