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How to Know if Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend is Cheating on You

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Cheating is always the worst case scenario in relationships. This article will tell you how to notice a cheating guy/girl, whether he/she is yours or someone else's partner.

Knowing if They're Cheating

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    Look back at your relationship. Have things changed recently?
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    Watch out if your partner is suddenly going out. Act laid back and pretend not to suspect anything. The next day or morning try to act a bit romantic; don't say anything about another person you might suspect. You want your partner to have a bad conscience if he or she is doing something stupid.
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    Take note if the person you're with is acting weird or is suddenly jealous of everything and everyone, something is definitely going on. (This is mostly referred to men but remember everyone’s different.)
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    Take note if your partner suggest you're cheating on him/her and you are not, then it most probably means he/she is. But there's always a possibility this might just be jealousy. But if you aren't interacting with the opposite sex more than usual, jealousy is not the case. (of course if you're homosexual you have to think about you being more with the same sex, and if you're bisexual you need to look more at the fact if you're more with an exact person and/or all of the above.)
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    Find out for sure. You need information; you can't just jump to conclusions. Of course numbers and dates on pieces of paper are proof, but they’re not enough. Try sneaking in questions that might not seem suspicious into your everyday conversations, but that will give you a name or info you might not have been aware of. Do this when you believe your partner has let their guard down.
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    Know that you are at risk. Remember that accusing someone of cheating is serious business. You might end up breaking up with a really sincere person.
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    If for some reason he/she confesses to have been cheating, let him/her go. It’s not good to go out with a person who cheats. How you deal with that person after finding out is your own business. The most important thing to remember is not to forgive that person for their serious error. If you weren’t enough this time you’ll never be. But don’t try to make that person jealous that’s the same thing as lowering yourself to that person’s level.
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    Keep in mind that you may see it with your own eyes. The only positive thing here is that you now are definitely sure about the situation. If so you should handle the situation directly. Do not run away for any reasons. Look the person straight in the eyes, but don’t lose your temper or start fighting. Then leave or if it’s your place, throw them out in a manner of speech.
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    Do not ever go back to a cheater and try not to connect yourself to a former cheater. This will only make your life difficult. Once a cheater always a cheater! Although, this isn't always the case; some people can realize that cheating on a nice guy/girl is wrong and say they'll never do it again and be sincere when they say it! Don't make harsh decisions.

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  • If your partner is cheating and your sure about it, take your time and check if he or she is worth being in your life if not then let them go.
  • Avoid cheaters. If the guy or girl you're with, has been cheating before, they'll most likely do it again. Thinking you're too special will always get you in trouble.
  • Think back to your partners history in relationships. did they cheat on anyone before you? If so don't go out with them.
  • Try always to put yourself in your partners shoes. There can be reasons for cheating or just sudden change in lifestyle.
  • If you have sensed changes in your partner that you don't like, you should check into them.
  • New perfumes and marks are classic ways of finding out if you partner has a new person in their life.
  • Not giving your partner space to cheat is an effective way to frustrate your partner. It might make that person mad, but at least you get the truth out. (Be careful to use this).


  • When you want to find out be careful. You might just damage a perfectly good relationship.
  • Often the cheater puts the blame on you, remember that even if it just means lack of attention or jealousy cheating is still worse. Do not take the blame to heart.
  • The cheater will suddenly change their actions, behavior, and decisions when it comes to you.
  • Remember that if you get suspicious of your partner, think that if your partner starts suddenly asking you would be suspicious too.

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