How to Learn a Language With the Internet

The Internet can be a great, and useful tool. It's filled with information. Now, more than ever, you can learn a language on your own, more or less.


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    Pick a language. It's best to pick a language that you're going to be using. i.e. Don't learn Korean, just because. Don't learn French, just so you can say a few things to your girlfriend, and have her think you're a romantic. Learn a language that's going to be useful to you. You want to pick one that's going to be helpful to you, even if you simply like to listen to music in that language, and you want to know what they're saying without subtitles.
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    Use Google. Just search on Google, "How to speak ****" or something similar. Google can lead you to a lot of good websites to help you learn languages.
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    Reading/Writing. Reading and writing is fundamental. If you can read in a language, then you can learn to speak it ten times faster. Most languages have syllabaries, meaning that each character is phonetic. Learning those symbols will make it much easier to learn a language, as you'll be able to read and write in the language, and communicate with others, even when there is no one near you that speaks that language. Some languages have a hybrid writing system. Japanese is one example. In Japanese, there are two syllabaries (Katakana, and Hiragana), and ideographs (Kanji). The Kanji have multiple readings, therefore it would be smart to learn them later. This is an example to show you that you have to do research on the writing before you learn it.
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    Pronunciation is key. If you can't properly pronounce words, then no one will be able to understand you, and you might not understand others, as you will think things are pronounced differently than they actually are, and get confused.
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    Improve your Vocab. Vocab is important. Learn lots of grammar.
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    Learn Word structure. Word structure is very important. You should know how to make your own sentences, how to conjugate verbs, and how to express your own ideas, in your own words. Don't simply look up how to say a sentence. Look up all the different ways to say all other different words in the sentence, then create the sentence yourself.
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    Learn by sentence, not by word. This is a method of learning. You learn a sentence, like "I am happy today". Then you learn different words that you can change to change the meaning. Instead of learning a lot of similar sentences(i.e. "I'm happy" "I'm sad" "You're happy" "You're angry" etc.), you learn one sentence, and then the separate words, that way you can change up the sentence yourself and make all of those sentences, and more. You can learn, "I'm happy", then learn the words for Angry, sad, you, and not, then you can make a ton of different sentences. This method is much simpler, and much faster than learning separate sentences.


  • Watch videos of people speaking the language that you're learning.
  • Speak the language you are learning with someone that you know who speaks that language as well. This will help you speak the language more freely, and if they already know the language (rather than learning alongside you), then they can tell you about things you are doing wrong.
  • Triple check, or more!! You can never trust anyone site for something as complex as learning a language. You should find at least three or four sites for any given thing that you learn, in order to make sure that it is correct.
  • Make your own vlogs of you speaking the language. Then you can practice speaking it, and you will most likely get some helpful critique.
  • Use flash cards. They are your friends when it comes to new words, and symbols.


  • Learning a language is NOT easy. It will take a lot of effort, and time.

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