How to Learn a New Language over the Summer

Two Parts:Learning the language during a lazy summerLearning a language during a busy or travel-filled summer

If you're keen to learn a new language, and have a summer period free, it's the ideal time to start learning and do something useful but fun during the summer days. In this article, you'll learn how to spend your time learning a new language over the summer, how you should learn it, and even what to do when you're going on holiday but still want to keep on learning.

Part 1
Learning the language during a lazy summer

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    Decide which language you'd like to learn. It'll be easier to learn a commonly used language, such as French, Spanish, or others. However, French and Spanish aren't the only options. What about German? Ever considered Italian? Once you've decided what you want to learn, you can move onto the next step.
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    Decide on which ways you'll learn the language. Go online to see if anyone in your area is offering classes to teach people that language. Check out books about that language. Visit the App Store to see what learning apps they have. Look up a website that will teach the language directly to you. You don't have to choose only one method; for example, try downloading apps and using a website. If you think of any other methods, feel free to use those as well.
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    Make a schedule. You can't use your app for five minutes, then go off and play Doodle Jump. You can't spend two whole hours at the computer using a website. And if you decide to take classes by someone nearby, you need to practice. Decide how long you will practice your new language.
    • Practice at the same time every day to get into the habit of it. When you practice every day for a certain amount of days, at one point your brain says to you, "Oh, it's time to go practice ______."
    • Remember, the more you practice, the faster you'll learn the new language. And aren't there times when you feel like bragging to your friends? Being able to say " I learned a whole new language over the summer," is something nice; you can even teach them a little!
    • Avoid practicing for less than 30 minutes.

Part 2
Learning a language during a busy or travel-filled summer

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    Decide on the language. If you're going to the shore or off to California to visit your grandparents' house, you'll want to spend more time having fun instead of learning a language. But before you go, decide the language you want to learn, just as if your summer schedule was empty. This will bring you one step closer to learning a new language.
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    Consider how you will learn it. Obviously, you can't take classes if traveling, so what other methods can you use? Here are some options:
    • Check out some books from the local library, but only if the vacation is short. No need for unnecessary fines.
    • Ask your parents if you can take the iPad along. This way, you can download apps to teach you the language.
    • Use a computer wherever you're staying. Wherever you go, you're sure to have a computer available, unless you're going somewhere like a photo safari in Africa. Then you'll probably be better off taking your own.
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    Make a schedule. As you can see, it's very similar, albeit slightly different. Just read the part about making a schedule in the first part above and tailor it to your available time while away.


  • Don't expect to be perfect. You only learned it in a season. Grammar mistakes? Expect them.


  • Don't stress yourself. It's not easy learning a whole new language, so be patient with yourself.

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