How to Learn Languages on Mp3

Research shows that there is a direct relation between listening and language acquisition (this is how you learned your native tongue!) so if you don't want to do anything else, listen. Every single day and to anything you like: music, movies, dialogues from a language course, the radio, TV, etc.


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    Find yourself a course with accompanying audio to study. (Living Language, Pleurisy, podcasts, etc.)
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    Listen to the audio for the first few times as you follow along with the text.
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    After you've understood the meaning, listen without the text as you repeat along with the speaker. this is called "Shadowing" and was a method developed by the polyglot Alexander Argues.
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    Listen and repeat to the SAME dialogue or audio over and over until it becomes second nature and you recall it from memory. You will come across a great deal of new concepts that will be hard to accept because they are different from your native language. Your brain will not want to use them naturally if you feel they are to hard to copy, therefore make copying natural. Whenever you come across a new concept, instead of just doing grammar exercises, listen to and repeat many sentences with that new structure over and over for a few days until you can basically recall them from memory. What sounded odd and difficult will all of a sudden seem natural and obvious. You won't need to remember grammar rules the hard way because you will instinctively know how to apply them in context. Again, this is how you learned your first language. Repetition in the soul of learning and people seem to have forgotten that when it comes to languages.
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    Repeat the method above and keep on listening to different, challenging audios all the time, every single day. Your brain will soon learn to tell the difference between sounds and if you try to repeat what you've heard immediately after reading it, whether you have the text that goes along with it or not, you will be training your brain to eventually use those structures automatically.
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    Listen as you do other things. A language needs to be part of your everyday life, like something you have a relationship with, not something you visit twice a week. Therefore make time to listen in between your daily activities or as you do other things that require less attention. Listen as you wash the dishes, wait in line at the bank or sit in the subway.


  • Learning needs to be fun for you to relax and take it in more naturally and for motivation to be abundant, so find fun things to listen to, like audiobooks or rap songs if you love hip hop.


  • You can learn a language in half the time if you only listen to it and repeat extensively every single day. Don't sabotage yourself by forgetting this little detail and cutting down on listening. you can never get enough of listening!

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