How to Learn to Accept Marriage

Here are some ways that can help you to accept the idea of marriage and overcome your worries about marriage.


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    Think of what kind of problems you are afraid that marriage will create or worsen. Be sure to discuss these issues with your intended. Do not be afraid to get pre-marital counseling, (many officiants require it).
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    Don’t be afraid if your parents had a failed marriage because every marriage is different and it doesn't mean yours will fail. But it does mean that you did not have a good example in that area, and you probably picked up some bad habits from your parents, so it may require extra effort from you to make your marriage work.
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    Look at the bright side of marriage. Always. But also be realistic about the fact that every friendship and partnership requires effort to make it work.
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    Believe in the person you choose. You two can overcome the problem together.
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    Plan things together. Two people can plan life's path together in ways that make it easy for both of you to keep your own interests as well as sharing times together and expressing your love for one another.
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    Keep the lines of communication and discussion open. For example, you can discuss whether to have a baby or not, and when. Make compromises if you see the issue differently. The more important the issue is, the more you need to work towards mutual agreement, a win-win resolution, rather than a 50/50 "compromise".


  • List the problems you have.
  • Discuss what you worry about with your companion.
  • You two have to face the music and don’t forget communication is really important to you.


  • You should not avoid arguments in your relationship. Disagreement is healthy in small doses. Communication is important, and it’s a good way to solve the problems. Remember that your relationship is infinitely more important than what you are disagreeing over.

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