How to Level Up in AdventureQuest Quickly

AdventureQuest is an RPG that was the origin of AdventureQuest Worlds. Many people still play AdventureQuest, and to new player, leveling up can be a pain.


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    Click the "Battle Monsters" button to get a nice amount of XP if you are just starting out. The game actually encourages you to press the "Battle Monsters" button, and you should listen to their advice. For Level 1-5 players, "Battle Monsters" is a good source of XP.
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    Consider going to Yulgar's Inn and asking if the NPCs have heard any rumours. This usually meets to small, low-level friendly quests. if the quest becomes too hard, just flee.
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    Click the "Today's Events" button, and see if you have any Golden Giftboxes. Golden Giftboxes allow you in a special shop where you can get "Learning Scrolls" that give you an instant amount of XP. Click the 'Misc." button and look for "Mysterious Scroll of Learning."
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    Consider becoming a Guardian or X-Guardian. Becoming a Guardian allows you to do a LOT of stuff in the game, including letting you go on more quests and giving you special gear. It costs only $20-$25 and is a one-time payment only.


  • If you find another way of leveling up quickly, then go ahead! Being creative is a great way of leveling up.


  • Do not hack/glitch/cheat the game. This can and will result into getting your account banned. Permanently.

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