How to Limit Your Stress

There are two types of stress- eustress and stress. Eustress is the good stuff that typically make us feel good. However, many of us feel like we are bombarded with stress- the stuff that makes us feel bad. To some of us, stress is what makes us feel anxious, tired, upset or even angry. Stress never feels that great. An excessive amount can drive us nearly crazy! So what can we do to get rid of it, or at least limit the amount of it? We can by the little things, just follow the steps below.


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    Clean and organize your resting place well. This is the place that you spend most of your quiet time, such as a bedroom. Having an entirely clean space can eliminate some stress. So put those clothes away, mop up the floors, and dust those blinds. This is the first step of getting rid of that stress.
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    Make a "to do list." When you're stressed, it's easy to let important things pass you by quickly. Write down the most basic to the top priority of things you need done. (ex. brush-teeth, eat breakfast, complete English assignments, bathe the dog, etc.)
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    Don't procrastinate, complete that "to do list"!- Procrastination is the shovel to digging in more stress. Get all assignments done before they build up.
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    Spend most of your time out doors. Get off the internet, get off that TV and enjoy the beauty of nature. Even if it's cold and raining (then, you may want to bring a jacket), get some fresh air.
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    Use the internet only 30 play minutes a day. If you work online or go to online school, this could be difficult for you. However, you want to limit as much time as you can on the internet. Of course you need some entertainment, but over 30 minutes of pure "nothingness" on the internet is not healthy. You'll waste so much time and not even be aware of it. Stay off that net!
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    Listen to your favorite music every morning. Music is mental medication and it can get you that jump start in the morning that you need to start the day.
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    Don't drink coffee or energy drinks. Coffee and energy drinks work great for keeping you awake temporarily. However, they can cause unhealthy effects on your body. They both contain caffeine which can make anyone more anxious throughout the day, suppress your appetite, and interrupt sleep patterns.
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    Exercise. Get strong and do some weightlifting, have a healthy heart and work that cardio everyday. Exercising is great for getting rid of that stress, so make sure you do it. Also, it doesn't count if you don't break a sweat.
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    Talk and let the stress flow out. Talk to your girlfriend, sister, best-friend, therapist, or your dog. Just talk
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    Treat yourself. Go out to a movie, mall or a park. Do something that makes you feel good.
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    Love thyself. Take care of your body. Don't smoke anything, don't drink a full cup of alcohol often (yes, including wine). Make water your main beverage and drink it at least 5 times a day. Try to be only around positive people. Stay away from those racist, sexist, homophobic, and ethnocentric, unfriendly, negative, jealous people. They have issues and will try to bring you down with them. Don't try to argue with the stupid. Don't argue with family. Spend time with your pets. Laugh. Go out with your friends or family. Be selfish for once and buy yourself a bundle of roses or a nice watch. Appreciate the person you are. Get plenty of rest.


  • Get away from abusive or stressful people.
  • Find a job you really like. Don't work for the money.
  • Save for retirement.
  • Visit the library.
  • Visit your doctor to make sure your stress isn't due to an underlying medical condition such as clinical depression or deficiency in a vitamin.


  • Try not to let other people or things influence you to do detrimental things
  • Don't eat fast-food. If you really have to make sure it's less than two times a month.
  • Don't self medicate with alcohol. That will just make everything worst.

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