How to Listen to Your iPod in Class

Class can be boring sometimes. Music is entertaining, especially when you need to complete work for the class and have no motivation to complete that work without music. Too bad you can't listen to music during class without getting in trouble (yet) (well, unless you attend a certain school in New York City; it's one of the only exceptions to this rule). Read this if you want to learn how to listen to your iPod in class without getting caught!


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    Put your iPod in your pant pocket.
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    Run the headphone strap through the bottom of your hoodie, through the sleeve of your hoodie (hoodie must be long enough to cover your wrist and part of your hand).
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    Hold the earbuds in your hand.
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    Lean on that hand. If you put both earphones in you could miss a question your teacher asks, and get caught.
    • You could also run the headphones out the neck of your hoodie instead of through the sleeve and put one earphone in your ear with your hood up, but many teachers don't allow hoods to be up.
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    NEVER LOOK DOWN. With the iPod in your hand. It's beyond obvious what you're doing.
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    Listen and enjoy the music.


  • Don't go higher than the volume of a mildly forced whisper, sort of between 1/8 and 1/4 of the way down the volume wheel.
  • It also help if you have long hair to use to hide the buds if you decide to put them in.
  • Sit as far away from the teacher's line of sight as possible. If you're forced to, wear your headphone opposite where your teacher is sitting.
  • Make sure your device makes no sound at all, such as clicks on an iPod.
  • Work diligently. If all goes well, your teacher won't suspect a thing.
  • Wear clothes that match your headphones' color. It really helps.
  • Put the earphone in the ear facing the wall if possible and do work with your head against the wall. The teacher may not mind as long as you are doing work.
  • You can also rubber band the earbuds just under your wrist. That way, you can lean on your arm and listen through your sleeve.


  • Don't fiddle with your iPod. You risk getting caught easier. Also don't play games on your iPod while in class.
  • You risk getting yourself into trouble, getting your iPod confiscated, or worse. If you do get caught, don't fuss. Accept punishment willingly.
  • Don't tell people about what you're doing. Some people may tell the teacher, and you won't be able to do it again and could get in trouble.
  • The more often you do this, the more class time you miss. You run the risk of failing quizzes, or in the long run, your grade!

Things You'll Need

  • iPod
  • Earphones
  • Hoodie (some schools do not allow hoodies, use a sweater in that case)
  • Long hair [optional]
  • Seat near the back row

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