How to Live It Up

There are so many things waiting out there for you, so why not live it up while you still can. Whether you are ever so bored, looking for a new spin on your tedious life, or just want to make the most of your precious time on Earth, this article will help you, well, "Live it Up"!


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    Travel. This is essential in the process of living it up, for what better way to do so than to do so than to explore new places and cultures. You don't need to go as far as your backyard! It is often more fun, when you have a list of things to try to checkpoints to visit, not to mention a little luggage. Try making these lists and packing with friends. Where ever you travel, make sure you keep your memories somewhere safe, where you can always look back on it. Photos or just a written entry will do fine. If something goes wrong, don't fret! Check other wikiHow articles on how to handle stress.
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    Do something crazy or unexpected. Just make sure you don't get in trouble. Something really weird, but safe. Examples include a random burst, a surprising new hobby to take up, or talking to someone you normally wouldn't talk to. Act like a kid-being an adult doesn't mean you can't have fun! By being crazy or wacky, you can reduce your stress problems by a whole lot. You can experience new ideas and perspectives, and let yourself go wild!
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    Research a new topic. Having an education in a wide variety of topics is a wonderful thing to possess. Examples include - be prepared, this will be long -a newly discovered animal or plant, AI intelligences (ever talk to Cleverbot), the systems of all living things on earth, read up all encyclopedias you can, new cultures, Lady Gaga, controversial figures, famous, kind idols and humanitarian figures, new cultures, U.S history, fashions throughout time, evolution, online interaction, wikiHow, spacecrafts, new inventions and discoveries, actors and old movies, books from way back then, myths and fables, religions, and land. Interesting much?
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    Enter a new contest. By entering a new competition, you can learn something new, hone up some old skills, or show off your talent of something. National Geographic holds a wide variety of contests, as will a local magazine or paper. Also, there are often big prizes involved, so why not? Nothin' to win, nothin' to lose. Photography contests, essay contests, art contests, invention contests, speech contests, joke contests, live contests, international contests, national contests, poetry, athletic competitions, etc.
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    Try a new hobby or join a new club. You can meet a variety of new people, make lifelong friends, or discover you're really good at something! Even if you are an utter failure at one thing, there is always something out there for you and that you could try, even if simply just to have fun. Do something new, unheard of, or adventurous!
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    Have an adventure! Be brave and bold. Go skydiving,thru - hiking, swimming, deep sea diving, etc. That way, you will have many experiences to share, and will be able to pass on your knowledge to yet another person. Remember to always be safe and prepared, willing to accept the risks, and open to new opportunities. Life is what YOU make of it. Go ahead, relish the adventure, and live it up! Have as much experience as you can before it all ends.
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    Help others. GO to a charity center and give what you have, live by your faith. Feed the hungry, give drink to the poor, clothes to the poor, shelter to the homeless, etc. Offer assistance to those in need. One day, you will be rewarded for your kindness. You can also help out at a soup kitchen, provide assistance to the our veterans, make a new friend at the animal shelter, give thank you notes, remember those who brought you up, and always be thankful for what you have, for there are many in much worse condition than you.

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