How to Live on the Edge

Bored? Tired of the same old same old? Need something new and exciting in your life? Here's how to live on the edge for a day. Hey! You might enjoy it!


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    Cook yourself a good breakfast. (A good ol' English Fry-up, complete with eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, and mushrooms, is a winner.)
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    Wear a single shoe from two pairs of shoes. (If this can't be done, do the same thing with your socks. If that can't be done, just think about doing it.)
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    Instead of leaving your home by going out the front door, try going out the window.
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    Go get your best mate who is willing to do the same as you, as it is best to share your greatest day. (If this can't be done think about your friend. If that can't be done, just keep going.)
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    Walk on the pavement backwards.
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    Find a hill and roll down it. Make it more thrilling by choosing a hill that has people standing at the bottom that you have a chance of hitting!
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    If you hit the people, throw something at them and run away. Quickly.
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    Try something new for lunch. If you are always buying the same sandwich, try a sub or a salad. Be outrageous.
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    Do random things just because you can and you feel like it.
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    Run around screaming and jumping over things.
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    Go to the city and explore the streets by walking and running. Explore alleys and places you haven't been before just because you can. Have an adventure.
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    Pull a few pranks and practical jokes on people. It's fun, and it keeps you young. Don't use overused pranks though, try to think of something new.
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    Going home? Already? Try a different route that you haven't planned!
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    Be outrageous.


  • Try to do the opposite of what you normally do, or at least find a different way to do things.
  • Do something crazy.
  • Don't regret the minor things.


  • If you do stuff like this every day eventually 1) people will think you have become crazy and will treat you appropriately or 2) you will actually become crazy.
  • When throwing something at someone, make sure you are not still dizzy when you try to run, as the police will find it easy to catch you!
  • Do not do anything illegal. You don't need that kind of problem. Doing things differently should be about subtle changes in behavior.
  • If walking backwards, use a mirror too see what is behind you. Not knowing where you are going may cause injury. (If this can't be done try looking around every now and then.)
  • When in public, act like you are handicapped or retarded. People love to stare.

Things You'll Need

  • A friend
  • A house/flat/room

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