How to Live Safely in a Muslim Country As a Christian

Are you a Christian living in a Muslim country, or will you be going there and you want to be safe? Read on!


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    Be glad that some Muslims are tolerant people who want to live peacefully and provide for their families, and you may be able to live among such people safely, while avoiding areas with intolerant people.
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    Realize that there is a fraction of less open minded Muslims that will be less tolerant and thus will often verbally or physically attack members of other religions. Be aware that some of this other type of Muslim, also known as "radical" Muslim (or Islamist) have captured, held for ransom, killed or tortured a number of Christians primarily because they were not Muslims (the same may happen to non-radicalized Muslims) often without any personal association or knowledge of the character of those targeted. But realize that the Christian church has often grown exponentially during persecution.
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    Remaining in or moving into a Muslim country safely will call for consideration of your surroundings. Are there other Christians that are allowed to live there without being bothered? Are they allowed to openly practice their religion without attacks? If so, then go about your business and hope nothing changes, but always be alert for the unexpected at any moment.
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    Avoid provocations. Beware, if you want to remain open about your religion, and take the consequences as they come -- "Live free." could then be your motto. So, avoid frustrations by being respectful, tolerant and accepting of the Muslim beliefs. You do have the right of worship and practice of your religion, and Muslims should defend your rights. And if you wish to discuss religious differences, you should encourage the organization of open debates (secret discussions are forbidden) -- but only based upon respectfulness and tolerance for people who are interested to know what each religion offers.
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    Work for safety together with Christians and other persecuted religious and other good (non-radicalized) people, such as Jews, plus reasonably moderate artists and gays who are not really out. These people have all been targeted for harassment and murder by the radical Muslim, and there can often be safety in numbers of people who do not draw negative attention by their usual, daily behavior outside of religious considerations which hopefully can be practiced fervently within small and secure circles dictated by the circumstances.
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    Write and speak about your experiences, and let the world know of them.
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    Blend in by appearances; you don't have to go against your faith to do so. Join in on different social and sports groups, if they have any, and make friends with the local people; be friendly -- sincerely accepting their differences and customs -- and tolerant, but not condescending or judgmental. Do not judge others unkindly or with self-centered impatience; be generous and forgiving of failings and weaknesses.
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    Give and similar things will be given to you. As you measure accurately (in all kinds of matters), then others will measure back to you in similar ways as honest people of almost any background respond fairly when treated fairly... This does not mean to be open about your beliefs with most of them--but honest in business and not cheating or shrugging off opportunities to assist them. Many of the people in the Middle East, Africa, or Asia live in poverty, so that good or adequate shelter, food and clothing are like luxuries, as they may be supporting large families including the older folks and children who don't have retirement or welfare programs. Go the second mile and expect nothing in return; so that you will not be embittered or judgmental, if they forget or can not respond in kind when you have been helpful.
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    If you bring your dog, be extremely careful. Dogs are considered unclean in Muslim religion. You may want to add a tag to your dog's collar that says something along the lines of "Muslim-friendly dog" in Arabic letters. Also, try wearing gloves when walking your dog in public. This will help because Muslims believe you have to wash your hands seven times after touching a dog.
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    Islam includes fairness, as Islam is indeed very close to Christianity, and in fact Christians and Jews may be treated in a special way as they are called "The people of the book" and follow very closely some teachings of Islam.


  • Respect their traditions and lifestyles. In some muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, it is a must for foreign women to wear Abaya (loose over-garment) and cover their head using hijab. Modesty in dressing is the best way to respect them.
  • Pray; why would you want to be a Christian, if you didn't believe it was true, and if you believe in God and Jesus, then you should spend time praying and reading the Bible.
  • It also depends on the country you're in. There's a huge difference for example between Jordan and Saudi Arabia although the two countries are neighbors. Jordanians are mostly tolerant to Christians, they even have original Christian people, while you should be very careful in Saudi Arabia.
  • Muslim women wear the hijab, a headscarf that the Qur'an instructs them to wear. It is worn for modesty, to hide themselves from the eyes of men. Some women also wear the niqab (face veil that shows the eyes) or burqa (full body veil that shows the eyes and hands). There is nothing in the Christian Bible against any of those garments; in fact, in 1 Corinthians 11:5-6, it says that women should pray with their head covered and many Christian women do wear hijab for modesty. So there is nothing wrong with wearing it to blend in. However, should a Muslim woman ask you, be prepared to explain why you do wear it. "Trying to blend in" is not a good answer, and the idea of your using what is of utmost importance to them to hide will probably cause some offense.
  • Be respectful to people of other faiths, but don't be ashamed or scared to admit that you are a Christian if you are asked. Remember that God loves you so much and he will protect you and give you wisdom along your journey.
  • There are almost two billion Muslims that mostly want to live peacefully, but a fair percentage will not live by moderate standards and are quite motivated to be martyrs or Jihadists (termed "in a holy war").
  • Being a Christian means sharing the good new of Jesus Christ and his dying for your sins, so you can have eternal salvation. God expects some people to stand up in the middle of the street and start preaching to everyone within earshot, but you can live less openly.


  • It only takes one radicalized individual to change the safe situation to one of severe danger.
  • Be respectful, decent, honest and fair (just as is expected in most countries), and you need not fear most people. In fact, you'll most likely have a circle of Muslim friends yourself as the some are generous, if you are careful.

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