How to Live the Life You Want

Two Parts:Preparing EmotionallyMaking Changes

How are you feeling about your life? It could be that you are doing well in your job, and you have a great family and good circle of friends. Maybe you are appreciated in your workplace and your friends consider you a go-getter. Even under these circumstances, if you feel that you are struggling to find your goal and pursue your passions, it can be hard to find happiness. Making big changes in your life is no small endeavor, but this article can help you find your path to live the life you want.

Part 1
Preparing Emotionally

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    Embrace the emotional roller coaster. If you previously felt like you were nailing your goals in life, and now feel like you're losing passion or focus, it can feel like your head is spinning. This can come with huge ups and downs in your emotions. Don't try to swallow those feelings; allow yourself to go through this phase and let it guide you to finding what's missing from your life.
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    Think about what makes you happy. Living the life you want involves really doing things that make you happy, both every day and on a grand scale. Look at short-term pursuits and long-term goals that will make you happy.
    • It may be helpful to actually brainstorm a list. Write down everything that you think might make you happy, every interest you have that you don't currently dedicate time to and every lifestyle change you might consider. Then prioritize these; rate them both according to difficulty and priority in your mind. This will allow you to get the big picture on potential changes and start small before working your way up to big lifestyle changes that will make a big difference in your future.
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    Balance your idealism and practicality. Big life changes can be, well, big. Switching jobs, moving house, or changing your relationship status can't be done lightly. But that doesn't mean these changes aren't worth doing, if they'll make you happier. Be practical about what's financially feasible and realistic given your current situation.
    • For example, if you want to change jobs but don't have the qualifications or financial security to switch careers right at the moment, start by taking community college or online classes in your new area of interest. Build your skills and resume slowly, while maintaining your current job security, in order to make a bigger switch down the line.
    • If you want to move to a new town or country but feel like a huge change is impractical, consider some compromises. If the unknown is holding you back, can you take an extended holiday or sabbatical in the place you might want to live, and see how you like it longer-term before deciding whether or not to move? If your financial situation is your limitation, can you downsize your housing in order to live somewhere you'll really love? Brainstorm your options for living your dream without abandoning all practicality.
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    Be fearless. You might have heard this phrase before, but how often have you truly been fearless? Making changes in your life is always scary. Have the courage to take the first step and if you really, deeply wish to succeed then you can stay dedicated to a new goal, even if it involves a big transition. Don't be afraid of diving into something you think will really help you live the life you want.
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    Consider counseling. If you're planning a big life change, it may help to have someone neutral to talk to about it. This will give you a place to share your concerns and anxieties, without being subject to the opinions of your friends and family before you're ready. It'll also give you someone to help you sort through what you really want out of life. While smaller life changes for happiness might be easy to tackle alone, bigger ones can made more feasible with a little outside help.

Part 2
Making Changes

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    Plan. Don't just plan once - plan twice. Making a big life change involves risks. You should approach this without fear, but with preparedness. Have a back up plan before you try something new. This will buy you some time to experiment with your plan and try variations if something goes wrong.
    • Failure is your best guide. Each time you fail, you will identify the right path you missed to take.
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    Do not focus on just one main purpose in life. Your interests and pursuits are likely to be varied, so there's no need to focus on only one passion. Be open to new experiences and passions; if you try something and it doesn't make you happy, keep pursuing others. Look around and you will find many multi-passionate people just like you, who are extremely successful.
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    Don't expect everyone to embrace you for what you are doing. We're often held back by people's expectations, but try to break free of this attitude. Do you really need a go-ahead from your parents, friends, relatives, in-laws and others before you make changes that make you happy? You cannot convince everyone right at the start of your journey; focus on what you want, explain your reasons to those closest to you (your spouse, etc), and then accept the fact that not everyone will agree. If you pursue your passions and find happiness that way, they'll come around in time.
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    Dive in. You would never know the right time unless you start now. You always have the liberty to alter your plans; nothing you do is truly stuck in stone forever. Even big life changes can be changed again. So what is holding you back? Go ahead and live a life that you want.


  • Stay motivated and connect with like-minded people. There are lot of people out their to help you achieve your dreams.

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