How to Look Awesome at a School Dance (Girls)

Two Parts:Getting ReadyActing Confident at the Dance

A school dance can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first one. There are worries about what to wear, who to go with, how to dance, and of course, how to look cool and awesome! But looking awesome is more a state of mind than it is an actual look, and the way to achieve this is to be confident, fun, and outgoing. You don’t have to have the nicest clothes or the best moves to be awesome: all you need is a willingness to have fun and try new things. Nonetheless, there are considerations to be made about what you're going to wear and how to get ready, but the most important thing is that you enjoy the experience.

Part 1
Getting Ready

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    Hop in the shower or bath. Looking awesome at your school dance starts long before you even get there! To make a great impression at your dance, you want to arrive clean and fresh. If you haven’t washed your hair in the last couple days, be sure to give it a wash with a mild cleanser or shampoo.[1]
    • Keep your hair moisturized and healthy looking by applying conditioner after every time you shampoo.
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    Wash and moisturize your face. You should do this every day to keep your skin clean and healthy. And especially if you want to put on some makeup for the dance, you'll want to start with a clean canvas to work with.
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    Clean your nails. Take off old nail polish. Trim and file your nails, and use a nail brush or pick to clean dirt out from underneath your fingernails. This is important for overall hygiene and appearance, and for your own self-confidence.
    • If you want to wear nail polish to the dance, now’s the time to apply it.
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    Comb and style your hair. Hair is an important part of an overall look, but how you wear it is totally up to you, and this should be dictated by how you're comfortable.
    • You can wear your hair curly (use a curling iron), straight (use a blow dryer or flat iron), natural (however your hair is), up in a ponytail, in a braid, bun, or twist, or just hanging loose and free.
    • Especially if you're trying to look cool for the dance, don’t be afraid to experiment with different hair styles. Try parting your hair differently, off to the side, or at a new angle, for instance. You can even get a fresh new haircut if you like.
    • Popular hair care products to help you style your locks include mousse, hair spray, serum and oil, and gel.
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    Apply some makeup if you like. Some people like wearing makeup while others hate it, and the choice is and always will be yours. If you do like makeup, apply your favorite products. This can include:
    • A primer underneath your makeup to help it last longer, especially if you're going to be dancing and exerting yourself.[2]
    • Mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow to make your eyes pop
    • Lipstick and lip gloss to give color and shine to your lips
    • Foundation and concealer for blemishes and an even skin tone
    • Blush to give your cheeks some color.
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    Choose an outfit. The most important thing with clothes is that you wear something that’s comfortable and that makes you feel good. However, there may be dress codes you have to abide by, so look into what kind of dance it is before deciding what to wear.[3]
    • For a casual dance, you don’t have to wear anything special. You can wear whatever clothes you like, such as jeans and a t-shirt, slacks and a blouse, a skirt or dress, or even shorts and running shoes.
    • To really make an impression at a casual dance, consider wearing something that nobody else will be wearing, like a bold new fashion, or a themed outfit. For ideas about what fashions are currently in, take a look a what people around you are wearing, pick up a teen fashion magazine, or check out what the celebrities and trendsetters are wearing on TV.
    • Semi-formal dances will have a slightly stricter dress code, and you may have to dress up a little more (no ripped jeans, no casual shorts, etc.) Appropriate semi-formal wear includes nice pants, dresses, skirts, blouses and sweaters, button-down shirts, and shoes other than runners/sneakers.
    • If you're going to a formal dance, you may have to buy a new outfit, or pull out something you don’t wear very often. This could include a formal dress or a suit.
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    Pick accessories you want to wear. This could include a necklace, bracelet, rings, earrings, belts, a tie, or a specific purse or bag.[4]
    • For shoes, wear something comfortable, since you're going to be dancing all night. If you don’t feel comfortable in heels, try a pair of sandals, ballet slippers, wedges, or flats.

Part 2
Acting Confident at the Dance

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    Make a good entrance. They say first impressions can last a lifetime, and walking into a dance for the first time can have a huge impact on the others there. Whether you arrive alone or with a group of people, walk in boldly with your head held high (this shows confidence) and don’t hesitate.
    • To avoid hesitating when you walk in, pick a spot and walk directly to it with purpose. For instance, you can walk to the drink table, to a group of people, or right to the dance floor if you're already feeling the music!
    • Be sure to smile a lot, as this exudes confidence.
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    Remember that having fun is what’s important. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you look, what you're wearing, or how your hair and makeup are styled: what matters is how you act, how you feel, and how you present yourself! You could be wearing a paper sack and be the life of the party, just like you could be a complete party pooper despite being the best dressed.
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    Be social. The entire point of a dance is to be social and get to know new people, so why not take advantage of the situation? You may meet someone that you really like, such as a new friend or a romantic interest.
    • Being outgoing at a dance is also a great way to show others that you're confident and fun to be around, which is a very attractive quality.
    • If you're feeling a little nervous, hang out and talk to a group of friends for a while and give yourself time to relax.
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    Don't start or get into drama. That is one of many people's pet peeves while they are at a dance. You should have fun at a dance, not be a drama starter and a party pooper!
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    Get out on the dance floor. One of the best ways to show your personality at a school dance is by dancing! It doesn’t really matter whether you can dance, as long as you're out on the floor moving and interacting with other people. Don’t be afraid to talk to new people outside your regular social group.
    • Be sure to stretch before you get to the dance so you don’t pull anything when you're working your moves.[5]
    • You may feel like the center of attention on the dance floor, but remember that everyone else if feeling just as self-conscious, and most people will be paying more attention to their own feet than yours.
    • Hiding away quietly in a corner isn’t a good way to make a positive impression, so try to force yourself out of your shell.
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    Know what to do if you can't dance. Dancing is all about moving with the rhythm of the music, so you don’t have to know any special moves to get out and dance. If you don’t know any moves, just get on the dance floor and:[6]
    • Move your feet and legs in the time with the music
    • Bounce a little on your knees
    • Bob your head and move your shoulders and torso
    • Swing your arms in time with your feet
    • Pivot and twist on your feet a little, and shift your weight back and forth
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    Ask someone else to dance with you. If you're waiting for someone special to ask you to dance, why not take the initiative instead? You may be nervous, and that’s ok, but maybe that person is waiting for you to ask![7]
    • Similarly, don’t be afraid to say yes to dancing with someone you may not have considered dancing with before. You never know you two might just hit it off.


  • Before the dance, look in the mirror and say 10 nice things about yourself to boost your confidence.
  • Don't be scared to ask someone to dance. The worst they can do is say "no"!!!

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