How to Look Good for a School Dance

Four Parts:Choosing Your OutfitAccessorizingGetting Ready for the DanceFinishing Up

Let's face it: social gatherings like school dances go down in history - probably even ancient history - so be the Cleopatra of your school and follow this guide to glamorous success.

Part 1
Choosing Your Outfit

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    Aim to dress for style. Looking stylish helps people to think well of your image. They'll remember you as the beautiful girl or the handsome guy standing in the corner or tearing it up on the dance floor. It can leave that lasting impression, and a good impression at that.
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    Do not panic if you don't know what to wear. Check out a friend's closet a couple nights before or if you can go through your mom's or dad's closet. You never know you might just find something adorable and you know nobody else will have it!
    • A sibling might have an outfit or accessories that you can borrow.
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    Find an outfit that is cool, but doesn't scream, 'I want a boyfriend/girlfriend!' Find a balance that reflects who you are and the current fashion statements.
    • Avoid spending too much. This is one night and you've many other expenses yet in life.
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    Find a dress if that's what you'd like to wear. Stylish girls wear dresses. Buy the dress that you think fits you well and expresses your personality best. Choose a color that suits you, not just because it's this season's color.
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    Find nice pants and a jacket if that's what you'd like to wear. Choose nicely tailored, good quality clothes that are comfortable for moving in. And choose them in colors that match your appearance and are colors you like.
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    Choose your shoes. The shoes should match the dress or pant/top set. That is, unless you'd like to mix up your outfit into a rainbow of colors! Choose shoes that you feel comfortable in when dancing. Flip-flops? Sneakers? High heels? Focus on comfort as well as style.

Part 2

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    Add some accessories to your outfit. Accessories can add that special something to an outfit, as well as making it look more stylish. Make sure that you like these accessories. Mix and match red, blue, and purple, or stick with yellow. Whatever you like, just go for it. You'll feel confident wearing something you like and you picked out.
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    Make the essential purchase of accessories to match your outfit. Avoid contrasting colours, as it is vital t harmonize.
    • For jewelry: Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and maybe a ring.
    • Clothing accessories: Tights, pantyhose, socks, leggings, scarf, etc.
    • For accessories that brighten up an outfit: Belts, hair accessories, a necktie or tie, etc.
    • Something to carry your stuff in: Whether it's just money and a phone or a whole wad of makeup, a little bag is a useful idea for many people. If you hate the idea of carrying anything though, use a slim wallet or tuck some cash inside your lingerie (or have a friend carry your stuff).

Part 3
Getting Ready for the Dance

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    Take the time, the evening before the event to indulge in a pampering session so that you smell and look nice.
    • An hour before the dance, do your hair - there are all sorts of styles out there for you to try. You could even sift through a magazine for ideas. Then, glam it up with sparkly hair twists and a light spritz of hairspray will keep it all in place.

Part 4
Finishing Up

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    Add the final touches. Apply make-up if you use it. If you do like makeup, apply your favorite products. This can include: A primer underneath your makeup to help it last longer, especially if you're going to be dancing and exerting yourself. Mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow to make your eyes pop. Lipstick and lip gloss to give color and shine to your lips. Foundation and concealer for blemishes and an even skin tone. Blush to give your cheeks some color.
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    Spray on some enticing perfume or cologne. Don't overdo it, you want it to be subtle.
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    Head off to the dance. Show off that glamorous smile and you're done!


  • Know when to go easy on the bling with this clever and foolproof tactic. Wear all of your favorite jewelry and, in front of the mirror, reduce the amount until it looks just right.
  • With your shoes, get something comfortable but stylish at the same time.
  • Bring deodorant, perfume/cologne and lip-gloss/chapstick.
  • Do not start shopping or looking for things to wear too late.

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