How to Look Good in a Sling

Let's face it: breaking or injuring your arm in such a way that you must wear a sling is one of the worst things to have happen. An even worse thing is when you can't figure out how to dress so that you look good while still following your doctor's orders.


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    Opt for short sleeves. If you have to wear a cast or a splint of any kind, short sleeves, tank tops or camisoles might be your best bet. This is especially true if it's warm enough to wear short sleeves comfortably. It's easier to put on these light garments with an arm injury than it is to put on long-sleeved clothes, so, if you need to wear a sling, just slip on your short-sleeved shirt before putting your sling on each morning.
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    Wear your sling under your clothing. Forget the hassle of trying to feed your arm in and out of your sleeve. If it's cold outside and short sleeves just won't do, simply wear your sling underneath your outerwear. You may need to wear your coat or jacket loosely to accommodate your sling - for instance, try draping a suit jacket over your shoulders without putting either arm into the sleeves. This look will keep you warm and is also plenty stylish in its own right!
    • You can also put your "good" arm in your coat's sleeve and tuck the other unused sleeve into the coat pocket.
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    Alternatively, use legwarmers to keep exposed arms warm. If it's too cold for short sleeves, you can always try an unconventional solution - leg warmers! Go to a dance supply store and buy a pair of legwarmers in your favorite color. Put one over your sling or cast and then wear whatever you can that will keep you warm. You can also Make Leg Warmers from Old Sweaters.
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    Avoid irritating your injury. Which ever solution you pick, try to stick to soft fabrics that won't irritate your skin or rub against your injured arm in an uncomfortable way. Make sure that if you have a jacket, cardigan or suit coat that you can easily put it on and take it off without aggravating your injury. If it's difficult for you to don a coat, you might be better off without one.
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    Stick to your usual "look". Try to adhere as much as you can to your usual style while allowing yourself more convenience and comfort than you normally might. Remember that people don't care about your sling, they care about you. There's no reason to be self-conscious.


  • Two key words: soft and comfortable
  • Go for convenience.
  • Simplicity does the trick.

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