How to Look Hot for a Party (Girls)

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Got that party coming up and you want to dress to impress? Sure looking good at a fun party is nice, but what if you want to be more than good looking? What if you want to be hot? If so, read on...


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    Get ready. If you want this party or event to be special, it's probably good to know where everything you need is ahead of time. Have your outfit laid out, make up at hand, and whatever you'll be talking to the party nearby. If you're hoping for a really fun, special night it's good to shower and have about 1 to 2 hours before the party to get ready.
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    After you've showered, the first thing to get set is hair. You can do this step however you'd like, but first give your hair a quick blow dry. After this style it however you want, or go with your natural hair. If you do style it, put on a quick spray of hairspray so your style look holds. Not too much so that your hair becomes stiff or clumpy, but just to keep it generally in place and how you'd like it. If you have curly hair (it depends on the texture) it can also sometimes help to air dry it, leaving you with soft natural looking curls.
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    Wear the appropriate makeup. It all depends on the type of party or event, but start off with some neutrals. Maybe some eye shadow that complements your eyes or outfit, a hint of eye liner, a bit of mascara, a nice pink or nude lip gloss and a little blush. This again all depends on your personality and the type of party your going to, but that's a safe start for any occasion. Makeup is not necessary at all, but if your want a special night a little lip gloss and mascara could never go wrong.
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    Bring some confidence. The last and maybe most important step in your hot party look is wearing your personality. Be YOU, which sounds cheesy but is really a good move. Be comfortable with yourself in your look and get ready to get a little flirt on for fun. Make sure to have fun and make this a party to remember.

Method 1
Outfit Method 1

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    Instead of going short, low cut, and/or form fitting, go for a more sweet, cute look. Instead of a form fitting dress go for a looser, maybe flower print dress matched with a belt. Instead of a cute top and pencil skirt, go for an easy tank top and loose skirt, to get the best of both styles with a push up bra or more form fitting top and still your casual, cute look.

Method 2
Outfit Method 2

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    Choose something you find comfortable and flattering to your body shape at the same time. You'd also like a bit of a teasing outfit to get that hot, desirable look. From low cut top with a push-up bra and skinny jeans, to a form fitting sleek dress, to a cute top you like matched with a short pencil skirt, you need something you like that you also hope will be a hit. You should top your outfit off with a couple accessories-bracelets, rings, hair clips- whatever fits your own sense of style. Add cute yet comfortable shoes and your ready to party.


  • Consider if you're dressing to go date hunting or not.
  • Wear subtle makeup.
  • Don't look too dressy or too casual. Cocktail dresses are probably too much, but t-shirts and jeans are a no-no. Grab a pretty blouse, a cute skirt or pants, and put on your favorite shoes. Boom! Perfect.


  • Be comfortable in what you're wearing or before you know it you'll be uncomfortable from partying.

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