How to Look Hot Without Muscles

Three Methods:Changing Your AppearanceProjecting a Sexy ImageCultivating a Sexy Personality

Muscles are generally considered the standard for attractiveness in men. Not everyone, however, has the time or physical capacity to develop big biceps. Furthermore, evidence shows that men with muscles only get into more short-term relationships and, in fact, actually have difficulty sustaining something long-term.[1] There are plenty of ways to make yourself more attractive without pumping iron.

Method 1
Changing Your Appearance

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    Grow a beard. Studies show that women tend to find men with beards more masculine and attractive. However, a long beard often suggests that the man is of a low socio-economic status. Women are most attracted to light beards or heavy stubble. In other words, grow a beard, but keep it nice and trimmed.[2]
    • Electronic trimmers designed for beards are available at most drug stores. These have settings that are adapted to keeping a short beard, close to the face.
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    Stay lean. Even if you don’t want to build muscle, you should aim to stay thin. Walk daily and consider jogging. Cut down on the number of calories you eat, while increasing how much protein you consume.
    • Avoid eating late dinners and try to walk after you eat to help metabolize your meal.
    • You’ll be less likely to overeat if eat breakfast and snack throughout the day. Snacks should be high in protein, low in sugar.
    • Eat whole grain breads and cereals instead of processed white breads. Such products should list “whole wheat” flour on the ingredient list, rather than “enriched” or “bleached” flour.[3]
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    Dress up. Your clothes are important for showing off your physique and establishing your social status.[4] It is important to find something that both fits your body and suggests that you are a person with status.
    • V-Neck sweaters are a good mix of causal and classy. Although they look less intimidating than a full suit, they have a studious and serious look to them.
    • A button up shirt with dress pants and a tie is also a professional, but semi-casual look that can be adapted to many environments. Rolled up sleeves create a more casual look and show off your forearms. Your shirt should be tucked in and your belt should match your shoes.
    • For a really casual look, try a white t-shirt with jeans. Both should be tight enough to show off your body, but not so tight that they are uncomfortable or show too much.[5]

Method 2
Projecting a Sexy Image

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    Smile. Women have been shown to find men more attractive when they smile, but how you do it also counts. Men who flashed a quick smile were perceived as less honest. A smile that grows slowly over time is perceived as more authentic and hotter.[6]
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    Recruit an entourage. Women find men more attractive when they are part of a group. If you go to the bar with a group of friends--or at least post pictures of yourself with other people--women are more likely to perceive you as socially successful (i.e. "cool"). Furthermore, women will be less attentive to your undesirable physical features because they will focus on the group as a whole[7]
    • Along the same lines, refrain from taking selfies. Men who post selfies receive fewer responses on dating websites. Even if you can't find a good picture of yourself, at least try for a picture that was obviously taken by someone else.[8]
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    Find yourself a little helper. Men have been found to be considerably more attractive when they are interacting with a baby or walking a dog. Men who seem to get along with babies are more likely to be perceived as good caretakers and potential fathers. Men with dogs are also perceived as good caretaker and your canine friend can be a great conversation starter.[9]
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    Stretch out. Studies show that when men spread out, with their legs wide and the arms stretched out, they are perceived as sexier. This sort of posture conveys dominance, which women tend to appreciate.[10]
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    Look strong and inviting. To project strength, maintain keep your back straight and your shoulders squared. Keep your legs open, more than shoulder width apart, and don't put your hands in your pocket. To project availability, keep your arms and legs uncrossed. Refrain from looking down at the ground. [11]

Method 3
Cultivating a Sexy Personality

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    Excel in life. Evidence shows that attractive women often gravitate toward less attractive men with wealth and status.[12] You should make your accomplishments obvious. Studies have shown, for example, that women find men considerably more attractive when they are driving a fancy car.[13]
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    Be kind. The “halo effect” suggests that attractive people are considered better in all areas of their life.[14] However, it also seems to work the other way. That is, if you exhibit positive personality traits, like kindness, people will be more likely to see you as attractive.[15]
    • Try volunteering for non-profits or pursuing a career that helps people. If you have trouble committing the time to those things, just aim to be nice in your daily life. Hold doors open for people, help people with bags, or show people how to get around when they are lost.
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    Express your feelings. Women are more likely to find men attractive when they open up to them and appear vulnerable. When you are open about your feelings women will feel closer to you, making you more attractive both emotionally and sexually.[16]
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    Take it slow. Men are often initially regarded as a threatening. To put women at ease you should take a cautious stance: speaking and moving slowly, using small gestures, and leaning away. Once she suggests that she is at ease by leaning in, making eye contact, and smiling, you can change your posture. Act more energetic, speak faster, make broad gestures, and lean forward.[17]
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    Lead. Women are attracted to leaders, particularly when men are in charge of a group that they are part of. Not everyone can be the CEO of a corporation. But if you have a leadership role in a club, campus organization, or political group, women will be more likely to see you as a leader.[18]
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    Make her laugh. Humor is a sign of intelligence and social skill. Women look to men who are funny as both people of status and someone whose company they will enjoy. Cultivating a sense of humor is important to establish relationships.[19]
    • Pay attention to comedians you enjoy, think about what makes them funny, and consider whether you can imitate their style. Read and watch TV to stay informed so that you have things that you can make jokes about. Work on some funny stories that you can tell people you meet.[20]
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    Be interested, but only in her. Playing hard to get works; women find men more desirable if they think that they’re unobtainable. They also, however, enjoy knowing that someone likes them. The way you make the best of these two facts is to make it seem like you are generally difficult to get, but that you are super into whoever you are with.[21]
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    Excite her. When a woman is excited around you, she will transfer those feelings to you, even if you are not actually responsible. Take her to a scary movie or a roller coaster; try something new with her like zip lining. Just being with her when these things happen will build positive associations and make you seem exciting.[22]
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    Live an outdoorsy lifestyle. Because of evolution, many women still have a primitive desire for men who can live the hunter-gather lifestyle. Learn how to fish, hunt, chop wood, start fires, or swim in the wild. These sort of traits make you seem more brawny, and, in a way, like a capable provider.[23]

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