How to Look Like a Celebrity

Four Methods:Taking Care Like a CelebrityDressing like a CelebritySeeking Professional Help to Perfect Your LookDressing up for Halloween or Costume Parties

When it comes to style and class, celebrities come to mind right away. Their looks and fashion can suit several occasions. Whether you wish to do a make-over, change your lifestyle, or dress up for a costume, imitating a celebrity is a great option that can be achieved by several means.

Method 1
Taking Care Like a Celebrity

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    Stay fit. Despite the stories we hear of celebrities who party to excess, we easily forget to give credit to celebrities' discipline. They stay active like athletes. Choose a steady workout plan that fits you well. Trends come and go, but consistency still remains key. Keeping up with a regular fitness routine will create great benefits for your physique and your skin.[1]
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    Eat well. Quick meals on the go for a fast-paced lifestyle will only lead to health problems both physically and cosmetically. The saying "you are what you eat" reflects on your skin and waistline. In order to combat that, eat better, healthier food. If you follow celebrities, you'll hear of diets such as Ayurvedic, Alkalinization, paleo, etc. Research whichever plan appeals to you, figure out one that suits your lifestyle, and stick to it.
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    Treat your skin like it's your most prized body part. The camera follows celebrities everywhere they go, and no matter the occasion, flawless skin is there number one accessory. While makeup might seem like the trick, constant care will help ensure a healthy glow. Even though breakouts and pimples are difficult to predict, using the right products can help prevent the most unwanted skin developments.
    • Use benzoyl peroxide based skin treatments for acne. Most celebrities use commonly prescribed skin treatments that we can obtain from a dermatologist.
    • Apply sunscreen daily. Too much sun leads to damaged, over-dried skin. Daily application of a good SPF keeps skin protected.
    • Shave correctly. Men reap the benefits of face shaving which includes exfoliation and moisturizing, so taking the time for a good shave is a must.[2]
    • Follow home remedies. It may seem surprising, but even celebrities apply dabs of toothpaste to cure pimples or place slices of cold potatoes on their eyes to reduce puffiness.[3]
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    Maintain healthy hair. Many celebrities wear shiny, styled locks of hair for every occasion, and all that work takes a toll on hair. Most of what they do to treat their hair can easily be obtained by visits to a trusted stylist and products that treat hair damage.[4]
    • Refresh dry ends with oils such as castor, argan, or jojoba.
    • Use hair masks to prevent damage from overt amounts of heat treatments.
    • Rinse out hair with cool water to help natural moisturizing agents that help your scalp.[5]

Method 2
Dressing like a Celebrity

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    Be bold with simple outfits and accessories. Celebrities create style standards daily. When it comes to the everyday glimpses of them on TV or Instagram, celebrities have a way of making even the most basic outfits stand out. Trendy jeans and a t-shirt work like a charm, and adding the right hand bag or hat can make the outfit pop. For a more risky-yet-simple fashion statement, dress up in one color from head to toe. A lot of models, musicians, and actors pick a monochromatic look for several occasions. [6]
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    Use sunglasses. You can find several pictures of celebrities candidly walking to a store or exiting a car. The one thing they will all have in common are sunglasses. Most celebrities wear a nice pair of shades when out, and most pairs and styles land on the big side. The elusive effect of hiding behind a nice pair of shades will give you that celebrity allure and mystique.
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    Buy designer quality clothes. From red-carpet affairs to interviews, celebrities dress phenomenally. Celebrities use top notch brands from designers across the globe. In order to start to emulate their styles, invest in some designer clothing. Moreover, stay up to date on your fashion. Celebrities dress for each season, so your summer clothes will be out of style come fall.
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    Have clothing tailored for you. Shirts, dresses, jeans, slacks, and all articles from a celebrity's wardrobe are hardly ever found on regular sales racks. Designers create specific clothing for specific celebrities; thus, celebrities' clothing fits them well. Seek out a good local tailor to visit. Get dresses to fit properly on your curves and suits to work with your frame. Tailored clothing makes you look slimmer, younger, and put together.[7]
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Method 3
Seeking Professional Help to Perfect Your Look

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    Find the best products and injections for skin care. Taking care of skin reaches a new level when it comes to celebrities. Any and all blemishes must be removed at high costs. You could invest more money in dermatologist visits for cortisone injections to eradicate blemishes and unsightly pimples in less than forty-eight hours. Dermatologists can also do a celebrity favorite of radio frequency for smoothness. You can visit spas for full body facials to obtain a hydrating glow.[8]
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    Visit a cosmetic dentist. A smile can be contagious, and most celebrities have an infectious way of winning us over with straight, pearly whites. Aside from personal dental care, trips to a dentist for teeth treatment can help ensure a celebrity smile. Filling in where teeth have been pulled helps create a better bone structure for a smile not to mention it smooths out skin to prevent sagging. [9] Frequent whitening ensures that pearly tone that celebrities wear so well.
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    Put your hair in good hands. Visiting the best stylists in the world means spending frequent hours and dollars on hair care; remember, a specific hairstyle in the 90's won Jennifer Aniston a place in our homes every Thursday. Thus, with so much riding on signature hair, the treatment that goes in to celebrities' hairstyles exceeds visits to everyday salons. Many top celebrities have been known to use hair extensions for special occasions to achieve an effortless rock-influenced look.[10]
    • For those whose hair is slowly going away, celebrities spend money on transplants that reverse the balding process.[11]
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    Perfect your body through surgery. Celebrities achieve that fit tone by any means necessary. Often times they utilize the help of a surgeon. A lot of practices have come to light over the past few decades with lipo-suction being a very common procedure. Moreover, enhancing body parts through surgery is used to obtain an hour-glass figure. Implants for a better bust size have been done before, but more recently implants for a better backside have taken popularity, too. Also, men have utilized implants for their physique as well. Bigger biceps or legs can be achieved through surgical implants.[12]

Method 4
Dressing up for Halloween or Costume Parties

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    Choose the most iconic role. The most awkward question someone can ask you during Halloween is "who are you suppose to be?" In order to avoid any doubt of who you are dressing up as, it's best to choose a role that stands out. Fortunately, when it comes to celebrities, you have plenty of options from classic to current.
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    Buy pre-made costumes for a quick idea. If money is not an option, visit costume shops. The benefits of visiting shops are plentiful. Most outfits are either purchasable or rent-able. Depending on your budget, you can invest in a good celebrity costume that can be used or lent out for several occasions.
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    Make the costume yourself. If you are on a strict budget, no worries. Most celebrity iconic roles look like common outfits from an everyday wardrobe. After you narrow down some options that you'd enjoy, find the essential accessories of the costume. For example, the right sunglasses and sleek black gloves stand out for Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's role.[13]
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    Accentuate the essence of the costume. Finding the final details to make a costume come together may depend on the essential feature of a celebrity. Lucille Ball, for instance, is known for her red hair, so investing in the right wig will bring that costume together. All the celebrities who are icons stand out some way. Find out how, and go towards it.
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    Emulate the celebrity you pick. Aside from the clothes and the look, celebrities have unique mannerisms. The way they walk and talk have helped their allure. When you are dressing up, imitating those qualities will be the final step to making the costume come together.
    • Work on the celebrities accent and speech.
    • Use specific catch-phrases.
    • Copy the way they walk.
    • Hold items such as drinks or cigarettes the way they do in movies.


  • If there is a single celebrity you are trying to emulate, look at photos of this person on the web for some more specific ideas.

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