How to Look Sexy if You Are Big

Three Methods:Having Sexy StyleBeing ConfidentTaking Care of Your Body

Sometimes society and the media tell women that they have to be skinny to be beautiful. This is completely untrue. Big girls and women can have a radiant sexiness, too. To look your sexiest, you’ll need to love your body, dress it well, and bring out your most confident self.

Method 1
Having Sexy Style

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    Embrace your curves. Don’t try to hide your tummy or drown your body in a sea of fabric. Wear clothes that are fitted to your shape. Don’t be afraid to wear a bodycon dress or a form-fitting top. Love your curves and show them off in your sexiest outfits. Take time to research your coloring, face shape, and body shape, so you can pick out styles and colors that bring out your natural beauty. However, a fit and flare dress and a pair of heels will always be flattering.[1]
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    Show some skin. Lots of plus-size models have been rocking crop tops lately; try a crop top that shows off a layer of skin a few inches above your belly paired with a pair of high waisted jeans or a high waisted skirt. You should show off whatever body part you love about yourself, whether it’s your stomach, your butt, or your legs. You’ll feel and look sexiest when you’re showing the skin you love.[2]
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    Tailor your clothes. If you find a piece of clothing you love but it doesn’t fit quite perfectly, bring it to a tailor to have it fitted specifically for you. You can get some garments tailored for under $20. Sometimes it’s good to buy a few pieces of clothing that fit really well rather than having many pieces of clothing that don’t look quite right.[3]
    • It’s not your fault for not “fitting” into clothes; the garment should fit you!
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    Wear bold makeup. Go for a dramatic smoky eye with black eyeliner, dark eyeshadow, and mascara. Fill in or accentuate dark, bold eyebrows. Unless the bold, red lip makes you feel sexier, opt for a toned-down, subtle pink lip, where only the bottom lip is lined. Use blush from your cheekbone to your temple to define your face even more.[4]
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    Accessorize subtly. Don’t feel the need to over-accessorize. Some stylists recommend going for a bold print instead of a statement necklace. Try wearing a subtle pair of earrings or a few thin rings. You could also wear a simple pendant if you are wearing a simple top with a high neckline.[5]

Method 2
Being Confident

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    Use good posture. Good posture helps you look and feel more confident. Pull your shoulders back, let your back be straight and tall, and be proud of who you are. Good posture can even up your testosterone, making you even more confident. You’ll feel more empowered, and you will act like it, too![6]
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    Think about your best moments. Picture a moment when you were your best self: captivating, confident, and sexy. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and envision this moment. Think about how future situations, such as a party you plan to attend or a job interview you will have soon, could also involve your best self. You’ll feel and be more confident.[7]
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    Look in the mirror and find things you love. When you look at yourself in the morning, find a few things you like about yourself. Consciously think about those things. You will focus more on the good parts of yourself than the parts of your body you’re not as happy about.[8]
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    Don’t let negativity in. Society often criticizes big women for unfair reasons. They erroneously think that big women can’t be healthy, happy, or stylish. Understand that these comments are hurtful but not true. Find support from other plus-size women in your life to offset these negative comments with positivity and compliments.[9]
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    Limit your exposure to unrealistic portrayals of women in media. Too often, the media show us only models and celebrities who are thin. Remember that most models are airbrushed, and their photos are retouched before they’re printed in magazines or put on the Internet. Follow some plus-size fashionistas on Instagram to get more style inspiration and see beautiful, plus-size women feeling beautiful in their skin. Look at body positivity campaigns, such as Selfridges’ “Incredible Machines” campaign[10] or Dove’s Self Esteem Project[11].

Method 3
Taking Care of Your Body

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    Eat healthy, yummy foods. You don’t have to live off of kale and quinoa, but you should nourish your body. Make a plan to eat healthy and try to stick to it. Here are some tips for making sure you have a balanced diet:
    • Get about a third of your calories from proteins, like lean meat, nuts, and beans.
    • Eat fruits and vegetables with every meal.
    • Stay hydrated. Drink water as much as you can.
    • Try not to drink too much alcohol.
    • Eat what you want, but eat it all in moderation. You can have some ice cream, but keep the portion size relatively small.[12]
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    Exercise three or four times per week. Even if you don’t want to lose weight, you will feel sexy and healthy if you commit to exercising a few times per week. Exercising is great for toning your body. You could try yoga, pilates, strength training, a spin class, a jog, or even a brisk walk If you can exercise for 20 to 30 minutes at once, you are in better shape than an unfit thin person. Just because you are plus-size does not mean that you can’t be in shape. Find ways to make exercise fun: walks with loved ones, backyard sports, playing in the pool, and hiking.
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    Sleep well. Good sleep can help to keep your memory sharp, make you more creative, help you live longer, prevent depression, and keep you at a healthy weight.[13] Make sure that you’re sleeping well every night. Here are some tips to help you sleep better:
    • Take melatonin before you go to bed. Melatonin supplements naturally help you fall and stay asleep faster.
    • Turn off all of your screens (cell phone included) an hour before you go to bed.
    • Do not do anything in your bed except for sleep and have sex. If you’re watching TV or doing a crossword puzzle, move away from your bed.
    • Don’t drink caffeine in the afternoon.[14]


  • Go shopping for clothes with a friend who will give you an honest opinion.
  • Don't think of things you don't like about yourself. Think about the things you do like and if you show that you're happy then nothing else matters.


  • Remember that true beauty and sexiness comes from within, not from your appearance. Try not to fixate too much on outer beauty when inner beauty matters more.
  • Before starting any form of exercise program, consult your doctor. This goes double if you have chronic health problems.

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