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(This article is about how to achieve the Ulzzang look, and not that much about how to, using good looks, get popular on the internet, even though that is how it all started.) The Korean word Ulzzang or Uljjang (Hangul:얼짱) means "best face" or "good looking". This is how to achieve a look that is common for people that want to look Ulzzang.


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    The makeup. ~ The desired (but not absolutely necessary) key features among Ulzzangs are pale, flawless skin, big eyes, and a small, round face, somewhat reminiscent of anime characters. This, of course, is not how most Ulzzangs look naturally, because many use large amounts of makeup and sometimes Photoshop, but if you can achieve this look only using makeup and not Photoshop, thus getting a more natural look, that's great. (Ulzzangs in general doesn't look very natural but you can at least try!)
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    For the face, use a bright BB cream (CC creams and the new DD creams may also work) and/or foundation (liquid or powder form) to cover blemishes, dark spots, etc. and even out skin tone. You may need primer/specialized lotion/pore refining cream or concealer if you have spotty skin, large pores, or dark circles/eye bags. Apply setting powder to keep the makeup on. If you like, add a hint of pink/apricot shimmer (blush) to the cheeks for a little glow, but don't use much. Ulzzangs also like to have a small, kind of pointy nose, so if your nose isn't small or a "button nose," you can contour it, but be careful to make it look as natural as possible.
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    Next is eyes, which is the most important part. White eyeliner, black eyeliner, mascara/fake lashes and circle lenses (lenses that enlarge the iris, which makes the eyes look bigger and rounder) are used by most Ulzzangs. Also, since the style is from Korea, many people think that you have to have the Asian eye shape for this. It may make some people think you look more Ulzzang, but it is not absolutely crucial.
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    Mouth should be small (not thin, but small) and somewhat pouting, but there isn't a need for makeup here. Maybe some lipgloss if you like, but keep it looking simple, light, and bright.
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    Now for the hair. The hair is very different among Ulzzangs, and there is no specific hairstyle you must have. Just make sure it looks neat, clean and natural. Hair colour isn't crucial either. Popular styles include long hair (curled or straightened) with bangs (square or sideswept). Try to mix it up with hair ties and accessories, or even wigs if you desire a new colour or hair length. Check the latest Korean hair-trends.
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    There are really no particular guidelines for clothing. Keep it stylish and trendy, with some cute accessories, and try to add a personal touch to it.


  • If you want to be a natural Ulzzang, check the articles on how to get nice skin, hair, smile and be healthy! Maybe it will even look better than the makeup-plastered Ulzzang.


  • The Ulzzang look is very perfect. But people aren't perfect; underneath the pretty clothes and the heavy makeup there is a human just like anyone else. Be yourself.
  • As you probably know, too much makeup gives you bad skin. If you want to be Ulzzang forever, take care of your skin well! Use oil-free makeup removal pads, even if you only used skin makeup. Wash your face twice a day, change your pillowcases often, and exfoliate!
  • Circle lenses can be very harmful to the eyes if worn improperly. Don't use them for more than eight hours straight, and keep them clean by storing them in lens cases. Disinfect them and their cases often, check for rips and other imperfections, soak them in contact solution, and buy from trusted sites like Pinky Paradise.
  • You are a beautiful human being no matter what. Don't think you need to be part of the ulzzang style to be beautiful.

Things You'll Need

  • Foundation, powder or concealer or perfect skin
  • Mascara/fake lashes
  • Black eyeliner
  • White eyeliner
  • Circle lenses
  • Confidence (it makes you prettier~!)
  • A cute outfit

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