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wikiHow to Love God

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We need to know how to love God, and acknowledge that God is Love. His love was shown best in Him sending His Son Jesus Christ to save us. God desires for us to love Him in return and to love others as we love ourselves.


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    It is very important to Love your fellow human beings as yourself, just as God loves us. If we feel compassion for others in the same way we feel compassion for our own dear ones and ourselves, we can know that we love God. God's most important command for us is to love Him and to love his children. We need to especially love Jesus Christ, because anyone who does not love God's son cannot love Him, the Father.
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    Live for God and be willing to die for God. Know that the goal of life is to Love God.
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    Be patient with others and with yourself.
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    Also, to love God, you must accept Him. Accept what God likes and hates and what He does.
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    Mourn with others and feel happy when others are happy.
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    Instead of worrying over your own misfortunes, think of how much more fortunate you are than many others. Know that others around the world are going through similar sufferings as you are, if not worse.
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    Sacrifice yourself to help others, instead of sacrificing others to help yourself.
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    Be an example for others by loving others like you love yourself.
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    Endure your lot in life with contentment, accepting it as God's Will. Know that with only knowing God and proper food and clothing, one can be content. The Bible says, "Godliness with contentment is great gain."
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    Don't be greedy before God. Ask Him to help you with selfish motives for one's own pleasures. Don't serve riches. The Bible says, "You cannot serve both God and money."
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    Understand that a great act of devotion and worship to God is not to hurt or harm any of His human beings, since all humans are created in His image.
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    Keep in communication with God and pray always. Speak words of blessing over others only.

Christian View

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    Believe in Jesus Christ who demonstrates that God is Love. God first Loved us by sending His Son Jesus Christ as the greatest example of His Love. Jesus died for all to come live in God's Love from which we cannot escape. Jesus will save us from our sins and build in us a perfect eternal life by the strength of God and not our own efforts. When we believe and call on the name of Jesus and are willing to let go of our evil ways, God helps us with this so that we don't fail. When we commit to surrendering to His Lordship, He does this and the rest!


  • Read the entire Bible from cover to cover. Even if you read just a few verses a day, this will help you to get to know God better.
  • Get carried away in helping others. It is what Christ did and what he would do. You don't have to perform miracles, you can do anything as simple as doing a secret favor for a sibling or a neighbor. God is goodness, knowing God is a blessing, But SERVING him is even better!

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