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750 is a site for "dumping your consciousness" without anyone else having the chance to read it. It's not blogging and it's not social; it is personal and a great way to get your thoughts out in any way that suits you. The focus on 750 words is deliberate because it is enough to cause you to run "into your subconscious a little bit".[1]

Yet, after your initial enthusiasm, it might be difficult to maintain a writing streak on If you're finding yourself blocked or slowing down, whether you lack motivation, time, memory capabilities or are just plain lazy, this article is for you!


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    Tune your mind. Writing 750 words a day for any length of time can be psychologically difficult, a challenge, and a large time commitment. Prepare yourself mentally for the new challenge that you are taking on in whatever way you feel necessary, whether it be motivational notes, reminders, or lists of goals stuck up somewhere.
    • Think about the reasons that make this a worthwhile exercise to you. Some of the reasons might include the importance of recording your daily thoughts, the value of daily self-discipline, and the benefit to your wellbeing of getting things out of your system and into words on a page. (This often creates order from chaos.)
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    Sign up to receive daily reminder emails to write. This can be beneficial if you lack motivation, or if you keep forgetting to write. You can do this under "Settings" --> "Your info".
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    Sign up for a One Month Challenge. You can do this at: If you're a competitive person or someone who likes tangible evidence of achievement, this may give you the motivation to continue writing when you're not feeling like it.
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    Explore the different badges that you can earn with your writing. If there is a specific badge that you would like to see on your page it may give you the motivation to continue working to earn it. You can see a range of badges at:
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    Share your writing achievements via Facebook or Twitter. You can do this via the icons at the bottom of your daily statistics page. If you know other people are aware of your failures and successes at maintaining a writing streak, then you may want to ensure there are fewer failures!
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    Read the Today's Writers page. Maybe you would also like to achieve a year-long streak like some of these people giving thanks on the page. See the page at:
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    Set aside a specific time every day which you will use to write in. It can be any time of the day. This helps you to form a habit of daily writing so that it does not become a grind. Keep the following things in mind:
    • See the benefits in daily writing. Use it for therapeutic, thought organization, and inner tranquillity.
    • Enjoy the sense of purpose that comes with daily writing. Think about previous writing and what you have gained through reading your past written thoughts and how much you tend to grow through daily writing.
    • Enjoy it simply because you love to write.
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    Finally, writing on this site is between you and yourself. Only you can motivate yourself to stick to this challenge and write every day. However, many people find that the higher their streak goes, the more addictive it becomes to persevere with it and reach greater heights with your writing.


  • Set a reminder on your mobile phone or computer if you're afraid you will forget to write.
  • is also a great cure for writer's block!
  • Try 'bleeding' your words out. Write whatever you think, whenever you think it. Ignore coherence, ignore the number of words, just write. Move your fingers to form words until you are personally satisfied.
  • Do you struggle to write because you cannot think of things to write about? You may want to take a look at wikiHow's Ideas and Inspiration category.

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