How to Make "Bank O Poly"

This is a version of the Parker Brothers board game, "Monopoly." The difference is the game has a bank theme and is called "Bankopoly." The game play and rules are the same as "Monopoly."


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    Measure and record the measurements of a Monopoly gameboard.
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    Using your measurements, cut out a game board using cardstock or cardboard.
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    Draw the squares on your newly cut board using a Monopoly board as a guide.
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    Copy the following on your board in the designated squares:
    • Streets - Major banks
    • Railroads - Major credit unions
    • Utilities - Insurances of choice
    • "Go to jail" - "Bankrupt! Go to Welfare Office."
    • "Free Parking" - "Free Checking"
    • Community Chest - Dollar Spot
    • Chance - Cent Spot
    • The tax squares stay the same.
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    Use index cards to make the Dollar Spot and Cent Spot cards.
  6. 6
    Use leftover cardboard and/or leftover index cards to make game pieces.
    • Game tokens - Eight major credit cards
    • Houses - Checks
    • Hotels - Debit cards
  7. 7
    Use construction paper and leftover cardboard to make the play money.
  8. 8
    Add the dice and the game is prepared. Enjoy!


  • The "Welfare Office" square in Bankopoly is like the "Jail" square in Monopoly. If you land on it, you're "Just Visiting,"but if you land on the "Bankrupt!"square or roll "doubles" twice, you go to the "Welfare Office" square. You can leave the "Welfare Office" if you either get a "You can leave the Welfare Office Now" Card, rolling doubles, or by paying $50.
  • The dollar values on the property cards are cut in half.
  • Make the Cue Cards just like Monopoly's, but with a bank theme.
  • The age group for Bankopoly is the same as Monopoly.

Things You'll Need

  • board game box
  • Monopoly game board
  • Index cards
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen or pencil
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Two standard dice

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