How to Make a Band Poster

Want to advertise a local gig either you or a friend is holding? All it takes is some creativity and a bit of organization. Lets go!


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    Firstly you're going to need to find out what bands are playing, where they are playing, the time the gig starts, the cost of entry, and whether it is an all-ages gig, or over 18's only.
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    Write all this information down, making sure you have the headlining band first, the band after them, and after them etc. The last band on the poster should be the first band playing (and usually is the most unknown).
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    Plan your poster layout, you will need the name of the gig or just put "Live Music, featuring:" at the very top. Usually you will have the headlining band's name a bit bigger than the others. Plan the fonts your going to use, and a small graphic/logo gives creative flair.
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    Have the list of bands at the top of the poster after the name of the gig, use different but readable fonts for each band, try to reflect the genre of the band in the font you use. If you aren't familiar with the band then just use a quirky but simple font.
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    Underneath the bands you should have the location of the gig, both the venue name AND the town/city it's in.
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    Announce when the doors open. Next should come the time the doors open, NOT the time the gig begins at. You need people to get there on time, not when the first band plays.
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    Relate the cost of entry. After this have the cost of entry, this and the above two details should be fairly big, as they are important.
    • In smaller writing, you're going to need to put three details, these are as follows.
      • The age of which the patrons must be to enter the gig, ie. "All ages" or "Over 18's only". This is important as your patrons may be asked for ID at the door.
      • Next you can put whether alcohol will be served at the gig or not.
      • After that, you can put "Right of Admission Reserved". This will cover you or the gig organizer in the case of not allowing someone in, for one reason or another.
        • These three details may be smaller print, as they are important, but are only on the poster for legal reasons.
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    Lastly you can put a link to your My Space/Bebo/Blogger etc. As you are the person who made the poster, you may be asked to make posters for people in future and this can help with a bit of self advertisement.
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    Choose an image As for a logo/graphic, simple things like a star, skull, flame etc. are simple but effective on your poster. Or if you have been asked to use something specific use that. Place it somewhere on your poster that won't take away from the details but will add a nice bit of creativity to it.
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    Take a look at the sample poster below for ideas (obviously don't include a watermark on your poster)


  • If you don't have issues with printing costs, color posters will attract more attention.
  • Experiment with different layouts for your posters, don't use the same layout for every gig you promote.
  • The best way of making sure you don't spend too much on ink, is to make a black and white template, print one and photocopy it.
  • To keep your printing costs low stick to black and white.


  • Make sure you have all of the information correct, people may be disappointed if one of the bands listed doesn't show up
  • Ask shops/people BEFORE you put up posters.

Things You'll Need

  • Photoshop/Equivalent program to design your poster
  • Paper
  • Ink
  • Printer/Photocopier
  • Optional: People to help you put up the posters

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