How to Make a Bathroom a Steamroom

You might know what a steam room is. The name says it all.


  1. Image titled Turn on the warm water Step 1
    Turn the shower on as hot as possible.
  2. Image titled Keep shower door open Step 2
    Open the shower curtain.
  3. Image titled Close door Step 3
    Close the door.
  4. Image titled Relax Step 4
    Put the lid down on the toilet; sit there. Relax and enjoy the steam.
  5. Image titled Do not go under water Step 5
    Do not enter the scalding hot water. Sit away from the sources.


  • This is good to do if you have a child or someone with asthma and they can't get to their medication. The steam will help them breathe easier, though it should only be considered a stand-in; find that medicine and get them the care they need.
  • Another good idea is to use a humidifier to help steam up the room!
  • If you have a small heater turn this on before you turn on the water that way its easier to make the room steamy. But remember to keep the heater AWAY from water!!
  • Test to see your reaction to heavy steam, as some people may struggle to breath and begin to hyperventilate.


  • If you enter the shower, you could burn your skin.
  • This will create mold if the walls and windows stay damp.
  • This is really bad for the paint work in your bathroom. If you only have a partially tiled bathroom with painted ceilings and walls then this is not a good idea.

Things You'll Need

  • A shower with hot water.
  • A bathroom.

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