How to Make a Board Game Using the Game Crafter

If you’ve ever tried to make your own board game, you know how much work it can be. Printing, cutting, gluing, and searching for game parts requires a lot of time and energy. Furthermore, if you need to make changes, you typically have to repeat that lengthy process again and again. Thankfully, the Game Crafter and wikiHow are here to help you develop a better way to make your own board game or card game.


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    Create a new account at
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    Visit the Publish section of the website and read all of the different pages on the left menu. (Getting Started, File Preparation, Game Editor, Production, Marketing, and Sales). These pages have everything you need to know about The Game Crafter service!
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    Visit the File Preparation page and download the specific templates for your game. Maybe your game will need a template for poker cards, game boards, or something like custom dice.
  4. 4
    Open templates in your image editing software and add your art. Make sure that all of your artwork is inside the “safe zone”. There are plenty of directions on the template that will guide you, but we recommend that new designers watch the video tutorial at
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    When you are finished editing the artwork, be sure to export the files as a .JPG or .PNG file format as those are the only 2 file formats allowed.
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    Now that your artwork is ready, go back to the publish section. This time, click on the My Games tab. Then click on the Custom Board or Card Game image. This will create a new game project for you.
  7. 7
    Click on the Edit Details button and enter a name for your game. Skip the other options for now and click on the My Games link. It will autosave your name.
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    Now it’s time to build out your game! We’ll start by adding poker cards and you’ll want to click on the Decks link. Click on the “Poker Deck” icon to select that deck size.
  9. 9
    Name the deck and click on the paperclip to upload the artwork for the back of the cards in your deck. Hit the proof button afterwards to verify your artwork is correct.
  10. 10
    In the “Add a Card” box, name your first card and click Add. A new box will appear on the screen. Click on that paperclip to upload the artwork that will appear on the front of that card. Hit proof to verify that artwork is correct for the front. Repeat this process until all of your cards are created.
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    When you’re done with the cards, return to My Games and edit your game again. You can then add a game board, parts, documents, boxes, etc. to your game as well. It’s basically like building a recipe and you can make changes whenever you’d like.
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    Congratulations! You just made your own game!
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    To purchase a copy of your new game, click on the Add to Cart button in the game editor and complete the checkout process. Your new game will arrive within 7-10 days! Have fun!

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