How to Make a Bored Jar

Three Parts:Making the bored jarAdding activities to the jarUsing the bored jar

A "bored jar" is a variation on the gratitude jar or an activities schedule. It's a fun way to help yourself find activities by having fun suggestions at your fingertips without having to think about it. After all, when you're bored, you can feel so frustrated about being bored that it's hard to focus––having some easy solutions to get yourself out of this funk is the way to go!

Part 1
Making the bored jar

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    Find an empty jar. Clean it out and remove any labels. Dry it thoroughly before proceeding.
    • Keep the lid. The lid will help to keep dust out of the jar while it sits on your shelf.
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    Add a label of your own to the jar. Before gluing it on, prettify it with a border, the words "Bored Jar" on the front and some images or stickers, if wished. You can also use glitter glue, varied colors and anything else you fancy to make the jar look inviting.

Part 2
Adding activities to the jar

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    Brainstorm activity ideas. It's important to choose both things you enjoy doing and some challenges that you'd like to try. This gives your bored self a few fun possibilities when the pieces of paper are drawn from the jar. Some ideas of what you might include (all depending on what you like doing):
    • Reading – a book, an ebook, a magazine, a newspaper/news stories, a textbook, an article, a fanfiction, a blog, go to the library, and so forth.
    • Playing games – video, online, board, card, backyard, sports, and so forth. Choose the ones you enjoy and anything you'd like to try.
    • Spending time with others – visiting friends, talking to family, doing a craft/baking with family, going for a walk with friends, doing a chore for the neighbors, volunteering, people watching, and so on.
    • Fitness – playing a sport, getting outdoors and exercising, cycling, swimming, walking, taking the dog for a walk, doing a workout, orienteering, geocacheing, dancing, flying a kite, whatever you like.
    • Cultural events – visit a museum, go to the art gallery, find exhibitions, visit a local park, wander through an artistic district, participate in local events, etc.
    • Making things – doing crafts, painting or drawing, scrapbooking, taking photos, organizing your online art or photos, making miniatures, building something from wood, working in the garden, and so forth.
    • Writing – start a blog, post on an existing blog, write a play or a poem, start a novel, edit wikiHow, create a magazine article, etc.
    • Practical things – clean your room, clean the house, clean out the fridge, do some weeding, help an elderly neighbor clean their yard, wash your curtains, wash the windows, vacuum, and so forth.
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    Add the activity suggestions to small strips of paper. You can either write out the suggestions on strips of fancy paper or print out the suggestions with fancy font.
    • Draw or print off a table of strips on a large piece of paper.
    • Cut out the strips. They should all be the same size.
      • If printing the suggestions, only cut after the suggestions have been typed in.
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    Place the suggestions into the bored jar. Shake them around so that they're in any order.
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    Put the bored jar somewhere where it's easy to find when you need it. A shelf in your room is ideal.

Part 3
Using the bored jar

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    Stick your hand in and help yourself to an activity when you're feeling bored. If you don't like the first thing that comes out, return it to the jar and try again. You will eventually pick an activity that appeals to you at that particular moment. Now, go do it! #nolongerbored.


  • Renew the activities in the jar every six months. Your interests may change in time, so this will take care of that possibility. Also, it will make it more interesting to vary the activities, otherwise you may get bored with the bored jar!

Things You'll Need

  • Jar of a decent size, you must be able to get your hand into it without getting it stuck; with a lid
  • Washing water (warm, soapy)
  • Scrubbing brush to remove label (optional)
  • New label
  • Glue
  • Markers and colored pencils/markers
  • Glitter, stickers, etc. for decorating, as wished
  • Paper sheets for making paper strips
  • Scissors
  • Printer, if printing
  • A list of ideas of activities you enjoy doing

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