How to Make a Chocolate Bouquet

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Do you know a chocolate addict? It's easy to please your loved one's sweet tooth as well as his or her eyes! Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries present great opportunities to create your own specially made bouquet of chocolates for the chocolate lover in your life.

Method 1
Chocolate bouquet

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    Create a base for the arrangement. Any container will do provided that you can put a material inside that will hold up your “flower” stems. You might, for example, fill a vase with pebbles or frosted-glass marbles, a pot with salt or sand, or even a basket with an oasis block (foam base commonly used for flowers) inside. For an extra treat, fill a clear jar with candies such as Jelly Bellies.
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    Choose chocolates that fit the occasion, and are firm enough to support the insertion of skewers or long thin sticks. Chocolate balls, drops, hearts, or any other shape will do.
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    Push a room-temperature chocolate onto a skewer.
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    Press the end of the skewer that is not holding the chocolate through the center of a small square of tissue paper. The tissue paper can be plain or printed but should be colorful (preferably contrasting the color of the chocolates), reflect the occasion, and match the theme of the bouquet. 20x20cm (7.8" x 7.8") squares would work well.
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    Slide the paper to the other end and pinch it into a petal formation around the chocolate. Twist and secure it at the bottom with adhesive tape so that it secures its shape.
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    Randomly push the chocolate skewers into the box or basket.
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    Finish the bouquet with a big colorful bow or decoration of your choice, depending on the occasion.

Method 2
Chocolate bouquet with 20 chocolates

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    Select 20 chocolates of interest. Each must be wrapped and similar in size. You'll also need 20 individual ribbons, 20 straws or chopsticks, tissue paper and a container. The ribbon should be long enough to tie firmly from the chocolate to the chopstick or straw.
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    Place a dab of glue on one side of the first wrapped chocolate. Attach the ribbon to this dab of glue, long ways. Press down firmly.
    • You may need to hold in place for a few seconds, until the glue takes.
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    Set down the chocolate. Allow to dry.
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    Repeat for the remaining 19 wrapped chocolates. Allow all to dry before proceeding.
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    Place either a straw or a chopstick alongside the ribbon. Tie the ribbon firmly around the stick.
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    Prepare the container or vase. Stuff liberally with tissue paper. This will hold the chocolate sticks in place. Or, use florist's foam or similar and cover with a thin layer of tissue paper at the top.
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    Arrange the sticks in a container or vase being used as the holder for the chocolate bouquet. You can arrange in any of the ways as follows:
    • Make five rows of four chocolates on sticks. Or, make four rows of five chocolates.
    • Make five bunches of four chocolate on sticks at different intervals across the container.
    • Arrange in two circles, an outer one and an inner one.
    • Arrange randomly across the container.
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    Finish up. If wished, add other things, such as lollipops, other wrapped candies or more decorations.


  • Make sure the chocolates are room temperature. If they're chilled, they risk breaking.
  • This is a perfect project for a teenager to make extra money by making them and selling them to friends for them to give as gifts.
  • Instead of heavy skewers, use long toothpicks and insert them into Hershey's Kisses to make a “Kisses Bouquet.”
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    As an alternative, use long stick lollipops. Omit the skewers and insert the lollipop sticks into the tissue or oasis and wrap around the lollipop. It's great for kids' parties or for a take-home party favor.

Things You'll Need

  • Container
  • Container stabilizer (ex. salt, sand, candies, or oasis, a hard foam used by florists to hold flower stems in position)
  • Chocolates (ex. Ferrero Rocher, Hershey’s Kisses, Dove Hearts)
  • Long thin sticks, lightweight skewers, or long toothpicks
  • Colorful tissue paper depending on the holiday or occasion
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape
  • Colorful ribbon or any decoration

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