How to Make a Cool Shirt for Band

As a serious band fan, you'll want to flaunt your involvement in the band... what better way than to wear a t-shirt? There are plenty of websites where you can buy them, and you may have one for your school band already, but one with a personal touch is even better. There are many different ways you can go about creating a band t-shirt, so let your imagination run wild!


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    Decide on a design or slogan. You can get inspiration from a band t-shirt on a website, one you've seen someone else with, or your own imagination. Think like a true band nerd: Try to find rhymes, hidden meanings, double meanings, etc. for your instrument or a musical term. Keep the non-bandies in the dark as to what your shirt is supposed to mean, as this is the whole point of a band shirt. You might also want to include your school logo or colors.
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    Sketch your design on paper, as a guideline and to make sure it looks good.
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    Decide how you'll go about making the shirt, and gather your supplies. You have several options:
    • Iron-on letters - These are good for shirts that are mostly text, and you should be able to find them fairly easily.
    • Fabric markers - Use markers if you're going to be drawing your design.
    • Screenprinting - More information here.
    • The internet - There are many websites out there (see sources and citations below) that offer custom t-shirt designing and printing. It's very easy, and while you will have to pay to get your finished t-shirt, it'll be well worth it for the quality of the printing.
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    Go out and buy supplies, if necessary. A craft store or hobby store should have just about everything you'll need.
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    Sit down and make your shirt!
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    Once it's dry, put it on and wear it to school - show off your band nerd pride!


  • If you're using iron-ons or fabric markers, for added color, you could tie-dye your shirt first.
  • Make it represent yourself.
  • This can be more fun with friends... get your fellow band nerd friends, or maybe your whole section to help you and make matching shirts of their own.
  • If you want to include a little patch of information, such as your name and instrument in with your big picture or logo, you can put it on your left front pocket area, and put your design on the back, or you can put it on your sleeve and put your design on the front.
  • Take up your space. If you do a big logo or drawing, have it cover the whole front or back of your shirt.


  • Many double meanings for musical terms don't sound school appropriate to someone who doesn't get the joke... it might not be the best idea to show up at school with a t-shirt that says "Trombones do it in seven positions".
  • Don't go over the top on you design otherwise it could end up looking tacky.
  • If you're using fabric markers, be aware that they can bleed through the shirt. A plastic lid from a storage box slipped into the shirt from the bottom should take care of the problem.

Things You'll Need

  • White shirt (if you make your own)
  • Fabric markers (opt.)
  • Iron on letters (opt.)

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