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How to Make a Diaper Cake

Three Methods:Creating a Rolled Up Diaper CakeCreating a Wrap-Around Diaper CakeDecorating the Diaper Cake

As anyone who has ever been near a baby--let alone had one--knows, babies go through a lot of diapers. If you have been invited to a baby shower and want to bring a creative and really useful gift, bring a diaper cake. Don't worry, this is not an edible cake--it's a bunch of diapers stacked together to look like a cake! Diaper cakes are easy to make, affordable and thoughtful. Try out these two different ways to make diaper cakes and you will wow any parent-to-be.

Method 1
Creating a Rolled Up Diaper Cake

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    Select diapers with a fun design. Most diaper packages have a see through side panel or a picture of the diaper on which you can see the design on the diapers. Buying diapers with a colorful design will enhance the fun look of the cake.
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    Form the top of the diaper cake. Roll up a diaper, starting at the "open" top end. Wrap a rubber band around the rolled diaper to stop it from unrolling. Again, using colorful rubber bands can be a nice touch.This diaper will form the center of the layer.
    • An alternative is to use a baby bottle as the center of the top layer.
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    Roll up and secure seven more diapers. Place them around the center diaper (or baby bottle) so that they are all evenly spaced. Keep them together by placing a large rubber band around all of the diapers. Large rubber bands can be purchased at your local office supply store.The rolled up diapers should form a circle.
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    Create centerpiece for the middle layer. Again, this can be a rolled up diaper or some oblong gift (such as a bottle of baby lotion). Roll up 15 more diapers and place them around the centerpiece. Secure them with a large rubber band.
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    Create the base in the same fashion. Place a rolled up diaper or a gift (perhaps a toy or rolled up piece of baby clothing) in the center. Roll up 30 diapers, securing each with its own rubber band. Place them around the centerpiece and secure with a large rubber band. For the base, make another middle layer. Then add about 30 more diapers around it using a larger rubber band.
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    Secure the layers together by carefully inserting one or two wooden dowels through the base layer. Next, carefully stack the other two layers on top of the base layer, being careful to get the dowels between the diapers and not through any of the diapers.

Method 2
Creating a Wrap-Around Diaper Cake

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    Place a half-finished roll of paper towels upright on a table. The roll of paper towels will be the centerpiece of the cake that will hold the layers together.[1]
    • You can also used a rolled up blanket or a large bottle of baby lotion as the centerpiece. However, a roll of paper towels will be the easiest centerpiece to work with.
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    Remove the diapers from the package and flatten them out. Place one diaper so that it is lying horizontally along the roll of paper towels.
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    Place another diaper along the paper towels so that it is overlapping the first. Repeat this process so that you form overlapping layers of diapers around the paper towels. You can make this bottom layer as large or as small as you want, just keep in mind that this is the base layer so the other two layers will get progressively smaller than this one.[2]
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    Place a large rubber band around this base layer. If you have someone to help you do this, it will be easier. Hold the diapers in place around the paper towel roll. Have your helper slip the rubber band over the diapers so that they are secured against the roll.
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    Repeat this process to form the other two layers. The layers should get progressively smaller than the base, with the top layer being smallest. Secure each layer with a large rubber band.

Method 3
Decorating the Diaper Cake

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    Create the base for the cake out of cardboard. Place the cake on a piece of cardboard and outline it with a pencil. Remove the cake and cut the circle out of the cardboard.
    • You could also place your cake on a decorative plastic tray or a cheap pizza pan.
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    Wrap a ribbon around each layer. Make sure that the rubber bands are covered. Cut the ribbon so that both ends overlap slightly. Secure the ribbon together by taping the two ends together.
    • You can wrap more than one type of ribbon around the cake. Wrap each layer in a different type of ribbon or wrap a large ribbon around each with a thinner ribbon layered over the larger one.
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    Place decorative embellishments on the cake. Add fake flowers to the cake by sticking the stems between diapers. Stuff colorful pieces of tissue paper down the paper towel roll (if you used Method Two) and add flowers coming out of the top. Go to your local craft store and see what decorations you can find.
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    You can wrap the diaper cake in cellophane or netting to help with transportation. (This is an optional step.) Tie the netting together at the top with a bow, or add a stuffed animal to the tie for a "topper" to the cake.


  • The number of diapers in each layer are just a basic outline. Change up the numbers use depending on the brand of diaper you use and how tight you wrap them.
  • Larger size diapers allow the mom to enjoy the diaper cake longer before needing to take it apart. On the other hand, using size 1 diapers will allow the mom to have some on hand to use right away. You could also make the top two layers out of one size and the bottom layer out of a larger size, depending on the number of diapers in the bag you buy.
  • You could do this project with cloth diapers if the parents are environmentally conscious. The cake would be smaller because you don't need as many diapers and they're more expensive.
  • Be sure to let them know if any of the gifts are perishable.
  • Diapers are known as "nappies" in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Things You'll Need

  • At least two packs of diapers (Approximately 85 - 100 for a 3Tier cake)
  • Gifts to hide, such as : pacifiers, washcloths, onesies (one piece baby suits), mittens, socks and baby supplies like lotions, rash cream and baby wash (optional)
  • Rubber bands (various size; you can find a variety pack for less than a dollar at department or stationery stores)
  • Wooden dowels
  • Cardboard large enough for the base
  • A tray (optional)
  • Colorful ribbons, bows, and other decorations
  • Netting or cellophane (optional)

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