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Three Parts:Setting up the TableRecording InformationStyling the Table

Making and maintaining your finances is a good way to track where you're spending your money, and also what opportunities are earning you a lot. Creating a finance chart in Numbers can be difficult at first, but it's a breeze once you get the hang of it!

Part 1
Setting up the Table

  1. Image titled MakeFinanceChartinNumbersOpenNumbers.png
    Open Numbers and choose the Blank template.
  2. Image titled MakeFinanceChartinNumbersTitleChart.png
    Rename the Table Name to a suitable chart title. Include your name, the chart's purpose, and the year.
    • Want to change the font or font size? Look at the Styling the Table section (below).
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    Start adding information to the header column cells. Don't forget the date, description, from/to, earnings, and costs.
    • The date column should be the column farthest to the left.
    • You may need to adjust the columns' widths as you add information. Find the letter (A, B, etc.) for the column you want to widen or shrink. Select that letter's box and drag the edge the desired direction.
    • To sub-divide a column (like the earnings or costs one) you'll need to add another header row. Click on any cell, go to the Table tab on the right, find the header options drop-down, and add another header row. Add a column directly before or after one of the sub-divided columns. Select the new header column cell and the one with the text and merge them.
  4. Image titled MakeFinanceChartNumbersDataDateFormat.png
    Format the date column. This lets you enter a date however you like (for example, either April 17, 2014 or 4/17/14) and then re-formats the date to the specified format.
    • Select all the date cells.
    • Go to the Cell tab and select Date & Time for the data format.
    • Set the date and time formats according to your preference.
  5. Image titled FinanceChartinNumbersDaMONEYYZ.png
    Format the earnings or expenses columns.
    • Select all the cells for money data.
    • Go to the Cell tab.
    • Select the Currency setting. Change the settings to your currency type or preferences.
  6. Image titled MakeFinanceChartinNumbersDeleteColumns.png
    Delete any extra columns. Selecting the cells, then choose Table > Delete Columns.
  7. Image titled Make a Finance Chart in NumbersAddFooters.png
    Add two footer rows. Click on any cell, go to the Table tab on the right, and find the footer options drop-down.
  8. Image titled MakeaFinanceChartinNumbersSumTopFooter.png
    Add up the costs and earnings into the first footer column. Select the top footer cell of the earnings, then hit the Function > Sum button. Do the same for the costs cell.
  9. Image titled MakeFinanceChartNumbersNetGain.png
    Calculate your net gain into the lowest footer. Read Calculate the Difference Between Two Cells in Numbers to learn how.
  10. Image titled FinanceChartNumbersSave.png
    Save your file. Numbers usually autosaves, but it's always better to have your work saved. Use a descriptive file name, preferably including the same information as the chart's title.

Part 2
Recording Information

  1. 1
    Double click on the cell you want to edit, then add in the information.
    • Is a cell too short for all the information you want to add? Adding a note on a cell is easy, just select the cell and then click the Comment button near the top of the app.
      Image titled FinanceChartinNumbersDATAAA.png

Part 3
Styling the Table

  1. Image titled FinanceChartNumbersChangeFontSize.png
    Change the font size. Select the cell(s), go to the Cell tab, then enlarge or shrink the font size.
  2. Image titled FinanceChartinNumbersFontz.png
    Change the font. Every typeface has a personality and can clarify your text while also making the table beautiful and attractive.
    • Select the cell(s), go to the Cell tab, and choose your new font family.
  3. Image titled MakeFinanceChartNumberzChangeCellColor.png
    Change a cell's background color. You may want to keep it neutral, but you can be wild if you keep the text readable.
    • Select the cell.
    • Go to the Cell tab.
    • Click on the color palette and choose a color.
  4. Image titled FinanceChartNumbersFontColour.png
    Change the text's color!
    • Select the text.
    • Go to the Text tab.
    • Click on the color palette and choose a color.

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