wikiHow to Make a Foam Netting and Plastic Bottle Lantern

Make an easy lamp by recycling a plastic bottle and the protective foam netting often found wrapped around bottles or soft produce. This lamp throws a lovely glow and would look lovely when added to a dinner party or other special occasion. As with any candle usage, just be sure to keep an eye on it when using.


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    Cut off the top of the bottle to the base of its neck. Cut off the base as well. See image for the cutting proportions. This will form a cylinder from the bottle.
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    Prepare the foam netting. Cut to fit around the cylinder. Most importantly, it should not exceed the height of the bottle. As such, measure to ensure that it is under the neck end and above the base end.
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    Cut the netting end. As shown in the image, trim the edge to ensure that it looks neat and pretty, with all the angles aligned and even.
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    Place the prepared foam netting around the plastic cylinder. Adjust to ensure that it is sitting straight.
    • Add a tea light into the center of the lamp, on the spot where you're going to use it. It might be easier to place it on a plate or other portable surface for ease of movement; that's optional though.
    • Read the "Warnings" below on fire safety.
    • Light the tea light. Enjoy the pretty glow.


  • You can also replace the light source with a multicolor LED. (See video)
  • To improve stability, consider adding some sand to the bottom of the bottle before inserting the candle
  • To enhance the color of the lamp, you can weave cellophane paper in and out between the holes of the foam netting.

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    The end result will be a glow the color of the cellophane used, ideal for matching the color theme of a party.

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  • Put the candle in the exact center, well away from the cylinder's walls.
  • Only use this lantern in a place where there is no breeze or wind; it will topple and potentially burn if there is a breeze or wind blowing on it.
  • Double check that the foam netting is not sitting above the height of the bottle in any way.
  • Ensure that the the top of the bottle is open and free of obstruction.
  • Notes on fire prevention:

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic bottle (500ml)
  • Foam netting (also known as fruit foam sleeve, fruit foam netting, bottle netting, foam plastic protective net, etc.)
  • Tea light candle
  • Scissors
  • Items needed for this project.
  • Color cellophane (optional)

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