How to Make a Free Ethanol Ventless Fireplace

In this article, you will learn how to make your own ventless fireplace out of a can.


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    Find a big non-flammable bowl with flat bottom, as shown in the picture. You maybe already have one, you might have to purchase one. This step is necessary for safety. If the re-used can breaks, the fire will be contained in the bowl and be controllable. Just setting fire to Ethanol in a can may cause carpet to catch fire or floors to be damaged. Use a bowl or plate.
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    Find a canned box. Open the can, empty it. Wash and clean from food, glue-labels, colored coatings etc. The canned box must have not a color bottom.
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    Find stones from somewhere. They don't need to be ornamental ones bought from a garden centre or similar. You can get some from a nearby mountain, beach, etc. Wash and clean the stones.
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    Place the clean canned box in the center of the bowl. Add around the clean stones.
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    Put the ethanol fuel inside the canned box. The same fuel (bio ethanol) that they are selling for ventless fireplace. Light up your fireplace with a simple lighter, or take something metal and add to the fuel, and light up and then pulled again to the fuel, if you want to play it more safe. The fireplace will close when the fuel burn at all, but you can force close it, with lid adobe the canned box. Must see warning tutorial before use it.


  • Do not pour fuel into the fireplace when lit. Always make sure that the flame is fully extinguished and the tin is cold before re-filling. The bottle of fuel in your hand can ignite if you do the above and can be fatal.
  • Don't use a glass burner, will broke for sure, only a metal.
  • Be sure that you have not near the fireplace, the ethanol bottle, or above papers, curtains and other flammable thinks.
  • Don't use cars fuel or oil, will smoke and be very dangerous, only ethanol, the ethanol is give only water and CO2 when is burning.
  • Don't use colored ethanol. Open and a window sometime for full safety.
  • If you forced close the fireplace with the lid, then be careful when you light up again, will make a small explosion, because some ethanol will be in the air.
  • The metal canned box (the burner) will be clean from glue and labels, if you don't clean will smell and be dangerous, and also do not add glue at the bottom, if you need to add a glue, look up for cement-water.
  • Don't leave the fireplace burns alone.
  • Dο not leave the ethanol inside the fireplace when is not working, because is evaporates and you inhale it.

Things You'll Need

  • Canned box
  • Bowl or plate with flat bottom, see pictures
  • Stones
  • Alcohol methylated spirits or bio-ethanol
  • Lighter

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