How to Make a Funnel from a Plastic Bottle

A plastic bottle can be partially recycled into a funnel that you can use in a variety of ways, as this article will describe.


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    Cut a plastic bottle in half, straight across. You will be using the top, but that doesn't mean you have to throw the bottom away. You can use it to make a candy dish and make some wire for jewelry and other projects. See How to Use a "Petaloid Bottom" Cut from a Soda Bottle for even more ideas.
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    Draw a slanted line with a permanent marker, as shown.
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    Cut along the line. Make sure the cut is straight and smooth. Use as a normal funnel.
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    Sometimes, the container you are transferring to has a smaller opening than the funnel does. In order to avoid spilling, use the funnel as follows:

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      Keep the cap on.
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      Scoop the substance.
    • Squeeze the wide opening of the funnel and pour the substance carefully into the other container. (See the video for a demonstration.)


  • A hard bottle is best suited for this purpose, although it will be harder to cut.
  • A bottle that is thinner and taller will make for a funnel/scoop that is easier to use.
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    When making iced tea, hot tea can be filtered using ice cubes.
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Things You'll Need

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    Plastic bottle (Pressure-resistant = Soda use)
  • Craft, gardening, or kitchen scissors.

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