How to Make a Hat

Six Methods:Sewing a HatKnitting or Crocheting HatsFolding Paper HatsCrafting Halloween HatsUsing Hat Making SkillsHats for Pets

Need a hat? With so many hat styles in the world to choose from, it can be difficult to know which hat you want to make. In this article, you'll find a round up of various different possibilities for making a hat, and maybe these ideas will set you on a journey of making many other kinds too!

Method 1
Sewing a Hat

If you enjoy sewing, there are many possibilities for stitching a hat. Here are just a few ideas.

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    Sew a fleece beanie or a fleece hat. Polar fleece, aka vegan wool, makes for a very toasty hat during the cold winter months.
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    Sew baby hats. Baby hats are an important part of a baby's wardrobe, to ensure warmth and comfort. Some ideas to try include:
    • Sew a baby hat, complete with cute ears.
    • Repurpose a t shirt into a newborn's hat.
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    Sew a Peter Pan hat. Ideal for fun wear or for a costume, this easy hat is made from felt.

Method 2
Knitting or Crocheting Hats

From beanies to bonnets, there are many hat choices if you know how to knit or crochet.

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    Knit an easy hat. Ideal for the beginner to sink their needles into, this is a good way to make a new hat for winter.
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    Crochet a hat. Crochet has a delicate look yet it holds well and makes an ideal medium for hats.
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    Make a hat with a knitting loom. If you own a small knitting loom, this is a neat project for putting together a nice hat.

Method 3
Folding Paper Hats

Paper hats are something almost everyone can make with a little practice. They're ideal for quick costume fixes, for playroom fun and for any other reason you've got in mind!

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    Make a basic paper hat. This simple hat can be used for a sailor's or captain's costume, for a pirate theme or for anything else you fancy.
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    Make a hat for a pirate. Whether from paper or card, there are various ways to grace the crown of the pirate in your life!
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    Get partying with a party hat! What would a party be without the typical decorate cone party hat? It's easy to make and fun to wear. That is, until you see it reflected back on Facebook with your mug under it...
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    Make a paper samurai hat. Fancy costume time for the samurai is complete when you add this easily crafted paper hat.
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    Make a paper Chinese hat. Another costume idea to complete your Chinese-inspired outfit.

Method 4
Crafting Halloween Hats

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    Choose a theme first, then make your hat. There are many possibilities for making Halloween hats. Here is just a small selection to get you started:

Method 5
Using Hat Making Skills

If you've already had some experience at making hats (millinery), the world of hats really is your oyster. Here are a few of the more complicated ways to make hats.

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    Make a felt hat. Felt hats are shaped to a head or hat block. They require some expertise but the final result is really head-turning.
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    Make a mini top hat. While the original top hats required a lot of work, this one is a simple version that you can make quite quickly.
    • Or, perhaps you'd prefer to make a duct tape top hat instead?

Method 6
Hats for Pets

Even your pets can have a hat if you've got the patience to make one for them. Here are some ideas.

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    Make your dog a hat. Whether it's for a party or to keep the sun off, you'll find a few good ideas here.
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    Make a cone hat for your cat. Not only does this rhyme but it can really bug your poor kitty as you take those Pinterest pics of her hat-wearing cuteness. Very easy to make.


  • Making hats using blocking techniques (millinery) is quite a skill that needs to be learned from someone who has experience in this. It is recommended that you seek tuition if you're just starting out in making hats this way.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric, yarn, or other materials
  • Head sizes
  • Appropriate tools
  • Embellishments suited to the hat style and material (optional)

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