How to Make a Knife Sheath with Electrical Tape

Here is how to make a knife sheath for a fixed knife out of household items. You can do this process extremely quickly. If you need a sturdy sheath, you will be better off making a sturdy sheath, but if you need something quick and dirty, these instructions are for you.


  1. Image titled Get Knife and Paper Step 1
    Get your knife and a piece of paper.
  2. Image titled Wrap Paper Around Knife Step 2
    Wrap your paper around the knife preferably with a leather glove or something to protect your hand if the paper rips. Crumple the paper around it so its really tight.
  3. Image titled Cut the Paper Step 3
    Cut the paper about 1/2 of an inch from the tip of the blade.
  4. Image titled Fold Paper and Tape Step 4
    Fold the 1/2 and inch of paper at the end down and tape it down with electrical tape.
  5. Image titled Tape Rest of Blade Step 5
    Tape the rest of the blade over with about 5 layers of tape on the blade and about 6-7 layers on the tip.
  6. Image titled Enjoy your Sheath Step 6
    Enjoy your knife sheath.


  • Keep your knife in the sheath throughout this process.
  • To make a sturdier sheath, reinforce the tape with a heavier flexible material of your choice, then wrap with tape again. Bear in mind that it may make the sheath bulkier if you do it with a material that is too thick.
  • For curved knives, use plastic wrap instead of paper, and you should get your desired result.

Things You'll Need

  • A knife
  • Paper
  • electrical tape
  • scissors
  • a leather glove (optional)

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