How to Make a Mac Dre Inspired Shirt

Want a Mac Dre T-shirt but can't get one? Keep reading on how to make your own Mac Dre t-shirts at home.


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    Buy a plain white cotton t-shirt in at least size XXXL. Be sure to buy a good quality, heavy weight, 100% cotton T-shirt and not a flimsy 50% Poly blend shirt.
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    Create a design for your t-shirt that includes all or some of the following words:
    • Hyphy
    • Stunna Shades
    • Thizz
    • Go stupid go dumb
    • Use any other words commonly used in Mac Dre songs. Make sure you look at the lyrics to get the correct spelling!
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    [[Image:MacDre Rip Hyde1 ICP Close up SanFrancisco Graffiti Art 7458.jpg|thumb|Your Mac Dre inspired shirts can fill your closet!]Use your computer's graphic software to create a t-shirt design. If you can't, find a friend to help. If you know someone who is artistic you can ask them to help you create a design. A graphic designer at an area screen print/t-shirt shop may also be able to help you for an additional fee.
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    Check with several print shops for rates as they can vary drastically.
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    Contact a screen print shop about what requirements they need to scan your design. They may need it to be a certain size to enlarge properly.
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    Place the order for your shirt. (It may be less expensive if you order your plain shirts from them and order some for your friends.)

Alternate Home Method

  1. Using your computer create a design for your t-shirt
  2. Purchase iron-on transfer paper from your local office supply store
  3. Print up your design on the iron-on transfer paper (or scan and print your hand drawn creation).
  4. Do not attempt to fool people that the shirt is authentic Mac Dre

Things You Will Need

  • Mac Dre albums for terminology and inspiration
  • Pens or colored pencils
  • Computer with Photoshop or similar software for graphics
  • Screen Print company
  • Iron on transfers
  • Iron
  • T-shirt in heavy cotton in XXXL or larger


  • Look at other Mac Dre shirts for inspiration
  • Use the Mac Dre shirts to inspire your own designs
  • Make sure your t-shirt design includes plenty of gangster terminology.
  • Make your picture rounded so that it appears you were hyphy while making the shirt.
  • Don't try to convince people your shirt is authentic unless you did a great job.


  • Do not attempt to mass produce and illegally sell your shirts as authentic for profit.

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