How to Make a Miss La Sen Foam Watch

A foam watch will relieve your worries that your child might break, hurt themselves on or lose a standard watch. A foam watch has all the fun of being a watch without the responsibility of having to care for one. The crafting of this watch is simple and it's fun to put together.


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    Click on this image to obtain the pattern sheet. Download it to your computer.
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    Print out the pattern on A4 size paper. Cut out each of the individual pieces to use as templates on the foam sheeting.
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    Place the paper template pieces onto the foam sheeting to create the watch. These pieces will be used to cut out each of the foam watch pieces as you go through this tutorial. Use different colors of foam for each piece (see the images for an example).
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    Cut out the strap piece first. Punch three holes to go through the strap piece, as marked on the pattern.
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    Cut around Miss La Sen’s head neatly.
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    Glue the head part onto the watch strap. See the image for location.
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    Cut out the orange round watch piece.
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    Cut out the pink headband.
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    Glue the pink headband onto the head. See the image for guidance.
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    Cut the blue bow. Glue it onto the headband as well.
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    Cut the pink 5 petal-flower. Glue it onto the right ear of Miss La Sen.
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    Glue the orange round onto the head. See the image for guidance. You can draw the hands of the watch and the numbers on this round.
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    Prepare the watch for wearing. Place on the child's wrist and thread the strap into the punched-out holes.
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    Done. The foam Miss La Sen watch is now firmly in place for wearing.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Foam sheeting
  • Hole puncher
  • Craft glue suitable for foam

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