How to Make a Paper Pyramid

Two Parts:Making an Origami PyramidMaking a Cut-Out Paper Pyramid

Paper pyramids are fun and interesting 3D objects to make, and there are several ways that you can create them. For instance, you can make an origami pyramid that doesn’t require tape or glue, or you can make a paper pyramid using a template, some scissors, and a bit of glue or tape. Whether you are doing this for a school project or just for fun, paper pyramids can be decorated in many ways, made with different types of paper with various designs, or can even be painted or colored to look like authentic Egyptian pyramids.

Part 1
Making an Origami Pyramid

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    Find a square piece of paper. To make a pyramid, you need to start with paper that has equal dimensions in the length and width. The thicker the paper, the more durable the pyramid, but if you go too thick, the pyramid will be difficult to fold. Good paper choices include:
    • Origami paper
    • Construction paper
    • Cardstock
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    Fold and unfold the paper. First, fold and unfold it diagonally through the center from top right to bottom left, and then diagonally through the center from the top left to bottom right.[1]
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    Lay the paper flat on a table. Look at the folds you’ve made (the paper will be folded into four triangles). Either with a pencil or in your mind, label the four folds that divide the paper into quarters as A, B, C, and D (in order, going counter-clockwise).
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    Orient the paper. You want the paper in front of you so that the triangle labeled side D and A has its bottom edge facing you.
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    Fold the paper into a smaller triangle. Start by folding the left side of the triangle in half in on itself, so the outer edges of sides C and D meet. Repeat on the other side, so that the outer edges of sides A and B meet.[2]
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    Fold the triangle into a square. Start on one side, and fold the bottom corners in toward the center, so that each bottom corner comes to meet the top corner. Repeat on the other side.
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    Fold the square into a kite. Orient the square so it looks like a diamond, with all the folded flaps at the top and the neat bottom point facing you. On each side of the paper, fold the two side points of the diamond in to the center so the bottom edge of the diamond lines up with the center edge of the square.
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    Anchor the folds. On each of the four kite faces, open each fold one at a time until you get a small right triangle sticking out the back of your fold. Fold this little triangle down over the front, and then refold all the original folds. Repeat with each kite face.
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    Fold down the tip of the kite. Fold it back and forth to create a nice crease.[3] Now, stand the kite up on the bottom tip, and gently press the center tip at the top. The paper should begin opening up and unfolding at the base at the last crease you made. Once it unfolds into a triangle, you can square off the edges of the base and the sides of your paper pyramid.
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Part 2
Making a Cut-Out Paper Pyramid

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    Print or draw a pyramid template. Either use a square piece of paper to create your own template, or print one off and use it as either the paper for the pyramid or a cut-out template that you can trace onto a different piece of paper.
    • A proper pyramid template pattern will have a square base, and off each side of that base there will be an attached triangle. Two or all four of these triangles will have tabs on them. Once cut out, the four triangles will come together and join at the top to form the pyramid faces.
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    Cut out your pyramid pattern. The tabs on the side are important (so don’t cut them off) because these will be used to glue or tape the sides of the pyramid together.
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    Flip the paper over and decorate. Now that the pattern has been cut, you have the basic shape for your pyramid, and it can now be decorated any way you like. Remember that the faces on the underside of the paper will become the outside, so be sure to decorate the right side!
    • Try drawing an overlapping grid pattern to make it look like the bricks of an Egyptian pyramid.
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    Crease all the pyramid edges. After decorating, flip the pyramid back over to create creases so that the faces will come together nicely. Make sure to direct the creases inward, and don’t forget to crease the tabs as well. [Image:Make a Paper Pyramid Step 5 Version 3.jpg|center]]
    • If you are using thicker paper, such as cardboard, consider using a hobby knife or scissors to gently trace the lines where the pyramid will bend and fold.
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    Form the pyramid. Apply glue or tape to the outside edges (the decorated side edges) of all the tabs. Bring the four faces of the pyramid together, securing them to each other by positioning the sticky tabs on the inside of the pyramid faces.[4] Gently press the sides to the tabs and allow the glue to dry.

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